I brought you here today to talk about one thing, and one thing only. And that thing is the beauty of an egg. For two bucks you can buy twelve of them and amp up any meal to the point of gourmet.

These ideas are meant to be added to things you already have lying around your place – the things you haven’t eaten yet because ordering Chinese food is easier. But I don’t think you realize just how easy it is to have an egg-cellent (ha!) meal:

1. Crack that egg on a frozen pizza, and call it a day.

You heard me. That frozen pizza that you’ve been saving for the week your bank account runs dry? You should pop it in the oven. When you have around 3-4 minutes left on the time, crack an egg in the center.

If you’re more of a morning pizza person, aka me every weekend, try this breakfast pizza made with eggs and leftovers, and be amazed.

2. Shakshuka (Not as difficult as it sounds)


Photo by Yair Sakois

It’s eggs simmered in tomato sauce, and it’s phenomenal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you’ve got a jar of pasta sauce, you’re in for a delicious surprise.

Heat up the sauce in a skillet, crack an egg in there, cover for 10 minutes until the egg whites aren’t translucent. Sop up that goodness with some bread or eat it solo. If you’ve got 35 minutes, try this rendition.

3. Scrambled Eggs + Canned Soup (Trust me)


Photo by Julia Maguire

Scramble an egg or two and add it to the soup after you’ve heated it up on the stove. It’s suggestive of egg drop soup, but without a check at the end of the meal. Works best with chicken noodle, but any broth-based soup will do. Or if you’re feeling fancy there’s a bowl of Ginger Curry Egg Drop Soup with you’re name on it.

4. Baked egg in an avocado, because it’s time you tried it.


Photo by Lauren Feld

You’ve seen it before on the world wide web, but you probably haven’t tried it yet. If you were waiting for a sign, this is it.

Bake at 425℉ for 15 minutes. You won’t be upset about crumbling some feta on top after the baking process. Thank me later. Our Northwestern family spells it out even further here.

5. Lettuce tell you about eggs on a salad.

Hard-boiled. Soft-boiled. Poached. Fried. These little babies belong on greens. I recommend frying an egg and letting the runny yolk add to your salad dressing. You’ll even get your protein for the day with this tasty addition. Try this Summer Chopped Salad and taste the egg and salad combo in action.

6. Next Level Ramen


Photo by Meredith Marcus

In authentic ramen you will usually find a soft-boiled egg, which is just like a hard-boiled egg, but with the yolk a tiny bit runnier.

When you boil the eggs, just take them off the burner three minutes before you normally would. Cut the egg in half, and add it on top of your cooked ramen. If you’re looking to jazz up your ramen even further, take a peak at these other ideas.

7. As If a Grilled Cheese Could Get Any Better

Fry an egg. The runnier the better, if you ask me. Go about your grilled cheese making, per usual. Right before you add the top of the bread on that grilled cheese, add the egg. I would also advise adding more cheese (life lesson).

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