Have you every woken up a little too late on a Sunday morning with your head pounding, stomach churning, scanning the room for the closest water bottle and desperately hoping it's not disguised vodka? As a thriving college student, this happens to me a little too often. I'm talking twice, maybe three times a week. So, if you do the math, thats about 30% of my college career wasted away by deadly hangovers...

For many people, this may be the case, however, for those of you that are a little more responsible with your drinking, it's certainly much lower. Lucky for us, someone actually did the math to find out how much the average person spends hungover, and here's the 411. 

So How Long is it Anyways?

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Alex Frank

A survey of 2,000 British participants found that people, on average, wake up feeling hungover once a month. Once a month multiplied by the average lifespan= 2 years of life wasted away by hungover mornings. Can you imagine waking up with a pounding headache, running to the toilet, and feeling like the plague has hit you for 2 years of your life?! I might have to seriously reconsider my weekend activities...

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Caroline Ingalls

Add in 4 years of college and I'm guessing you add at least a year onto that count, am I right? I mean, I think I wake up "under the weather" from last night's activities at least once a week - definitely more than once a month (I promise this isn't just me). 

Although this study is certainly eye-opening to the amount of time we spend under the weather due to our own poor decisions, it is a small study and is a bit under representative of the greater population. Despite this, if you're like me, you probably already knew you spend way too much of your life hungover. Instead of worrying about the time wasted, check out these crazy hangover cures and pray that they do the trick.