2017 was the year of LaCroix, aka the zero-calorie sparkling water you buy partly because it tastes good, but mostly because the can is pretty. Though LaCroix is definitely the OG, other companies are catching up on the trend and releasing their own line of sparkling water or the like. Take Coca Cola's brand new Diet Coke flavors or, most recently, Pepsi's new water in a can, Bubly. Here's all you need to know about the new line of sparkling water.

About Bubly

Jeanne Paulino

With no calories, artificial sweeteners, or colors, Bubly is an all-natural, refreshing drink coming to stores later this month. What makes Bubly unique is not only its short ingredient list, but its playful, vibrant, yet minimalist packaging. Each can has a unique smile and message, such as "I feel like I can be open around u," which personally I feel is more photogenic than LaCroix. It comes in eight delicious flavors, so you'll have to try them all out to experience each design, and of course, flavor.


strawberry, berry, sweet, red fruit, red berry, Fruit
Amelia Hitchens

In my opinion, strawberry, the superior fruit, is a natural choice for one of Bubly's eight introductory flavors. The berry tastes delicious infused in water and pairs well with tons of other foods, so it's definitely worth getting hyped about trying.


mango, mangos, Fruit, Healthy, fruits, eating mango
Jocelyn Hsu

Mangos always remind me of tropical vacations and exotic destinations. Bubly's mango drink is reminiscent of those warm summer nights and carefree atmosphere, which is much-needed, especially in the cold winter season.


apple, juice, sweet, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

The flavor I'm most intrigued about, green apples, in my opinion, are reserved for caramel apples and sour Halloween candy. However, with all the hype surrounding Bubly, as well as how cute the packaging is, I cannot wait to try out the apple flavor and give my final verdict.


cherry, berry, sweet, juice, sweet cherry, pasture
Jocelyn Hsu

Pepsi already has a Wild Cherry flavor, which is a fan favorite. For a drink that's better for you, but still has a hint of that tartness you love, Bubly's cherry flavored water is for you.


lemon, juice, lemonade, citrus, lime, citron
Jocelyn Hsu

I have a new-found love for lemons, and it's not solely because of Rihanna's verse in that N*E*R*D song. Lemons are a versatile ingredient that can add a nice little zest to pretty much anything, including sparkling water. Plus, it's a great way to start your day and naturally detox your body.


lime, juice, lemon, citrus
Kristen Carlstrom

From key lime pie to gin and lime cocktails, limes deserve to be the star of foods and drinks. Today, Bubly does just that by making a refreshing drink that'll keep you hydrated all day long.


juice, grapefruit, citrus, blood orange, sweet, lemon
Jocelyn Hsu

Even though I'm not a huge fan of grapefruit itself, grapefruit-flavored drinks are my favorite. They're not too sweet, yet incredibly flavorful. Drink one along with a savory grapefruit salad and you've got a perfect pairing!


juice, citrus, tangerine, orange
Amelia Hitchens

As a kid, my soda of choice was Fanta because the (artificial) orange flavor was just so addicting. Though I have staved off soda and haven't had a Fanta in years, some days I just crave an orange drink, making Orange Bubly an ideal alternative.

Bubly is the drink for soda drinkers looking to cut back, anyone who spends an obscene amount on packs of LaCroix, or the adventurous foodie that wants to try out a new product. Keep an eye out the next time you're out grocery shopping, because Bubly is coming to supermarkets near you.