The long term health benefits of lemon water are pretty astounding. As a big fan of water, I was surprised by what an added slice of lemon every morning can do for you (which apparently, is a lot). Of course there are the typical precautions with putting stuff in your water, so be sure to wash your lemon clean beforehand. It’s packed full of nutrients but occasionally surrounded by germs, so it’s probably best to make it yourself at home. You can cut slices or just squeece the juice directly in. It only takes seconds but produces a lasting effect.

1. Boosts your immune system

Vitamin C is basically the alarm clock that wakes up your immune system and kicks it into gear. Good thing too, since lemon juice is packed with Vitamin C. You especially need it when you get stressed out, since Vitamin C levels are among the first to plummet on days you’re taking on too much. Lemons can even balance your pH, which is necessary for staying healthy.

2. Chock-full of vitamins and minerals

Not only do lemons include much-needed Vitamin C, it’s practically overflowing with useful nutrients. It has potassium, which is good for your brain and nerve functions. It has B-complex vitamins, which help convert our food into fuel for our bodies. It has calcium, which strengthens your bones and teeth, and it has iron, which helps with healthy oxygen levels and blood flow.

3. Aids in digestion

Lemon water flushes out unwanted matter and toxins in two ways: 1) it encourages you to produce more bile, an important acid for digestion, and 2) it also loosens the toxins in your digestion track. That means relieving symptoms of indigestions like burping or bloating that we could all do without.


Photo by Caroline Liu

4. Weight-loss and skincare benefits

Lemons contain fiber, which increases feelings of fullness and fights hunger cravings, and its antioxidants also reduce blemishes and wrinkles.

5. Provides an energy boost

Just the scent of lemon evokes a sense of calm. Drinking it daily with your water then not only provides your body with energy but also helps reduce anxiety and depression. Some people have even cut coffee entirely out of their diet and replaced it with lemon water. If that scares you, it’s probably a sign you’re already too attached to caffeine… in which case you should definitely try cutting it out. You’ll feel refreshed every morning without crashing every afternoon.

Great! Now what else can I do with lemons?