With summer here we all love to kick back with a can or glass bottle of our favorite sodas. As you all know there are a lot of crazy stories and facts posted all over the internet. I thought I would make you think a little more about the labels on our favorite meal companions, or as we all use them, chasers.

So here are some funky AF facts about your all time favorite sodas! 

1. 7 Up Used To Have Mood Stabilizers In It

Now I always knew soda had some weird and not so great chemicals, but I never knew about mood stabilizers being in there.  For those of you who don't know what mood stabilizers are, they are a psychiatric medication that helps treat bipolar disorder. Up until about 1950 this was an ingredient in every can and bottle of 7up

2. There Is A Kosher Version Of Coca-Cola

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Kevin Dang

Yes, that's right. Back in the 1930s in Atlanta, GA a rabbi decided to create a special version of coke with sweeteners that didn't come from grains. You can still find this in stores today: any coke bottle with  a yellow cap is kosher!

3. Coca-Cola Is The Reason Santa Wears Red

Did your jaw just drop? Because mine did. Yes, you heard right without our friends down in Atlanta, Santa wouldn't be wearing his iconic outfit. In the early part of the 20th century Santa was usually presented in a green suit, until Coke had a special Christmas advertisement made. 

4. Fanta Was Created Because of The Nazis 

During WWII it became harder to bottle Coke in Germany because of a lack of supplies. So to keep soda production from slowing down, a drink with more obtainable ingredients was born, hence Fanta. This kept the high demand for fizzy soft drinks in Nazi Army manageable. 

5. Mountain Dew Is Meant To Be Paired With Whiskey

This was created by two brothers in Tennessee who loved chasing with lemon-lime soda, so they created their own. Next time I go to a bar I know what drink I'm going to order.

6. Coca-Cola Use to Have Alcohol & Cocaine In It

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Aurelie Corinthios

Inventor of Coke, John Pemberton originally had these two ingredients infused in the world famous beverage. Wouldn't it be nice to get a Coke from CVS and feel a nice buzz; but that doesn't come from all the sugar and caffeine?

8. Dr. Pepper Was First Branded As A Warm Beverage 

Could you imagine drinking soda the way you drink coffee? Well, I guess people would be freaking out about iced coffee back then too, so it makes sense. Back in the '60s when Dr. Pepper was first released, it was intended to be warmed up and paired with a lemon, just like tea. 

Sammy Mintzer

With all of the horrors we hear about soda, these facts should be a little more refreshing. Instead of thinking about all of the health problems that Coca-Cola causes think about how it's the reason Jolly Old Saint Nick has a red suit!