With obesity-rates rising in the USA, it's no wonder countries like France are brewing up new health initiatives to stop the epidemic. In fact, in 2004, France banned vending machines in schools, and 7 years later, limited the amount of French fries that can be served in those schools. 

Going along with these initiatives to make the world a more health conscious place, France released a "soda tax" a year later hoping to lessen the intake of sugary drinks. Apparently, this wasn't enough, as France just recently put a full ban on free soda re-fills at established restaurants and fast-food chains. 

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The US isn't the only country with obesity rates on the rise. In fact, nearly 14% of France is obese, and that is why law officials have chosen to implement these new regulations against fattening food and drinks. 

This move to help fight obesity was per recommendation of The World Health Organization which has strongly recommended countries to pose hefty taxes on sugary drinks. When you think about the harm its causing, it does make sense to classify tobacco and soda in the same category. After all, they both activate the same addiction causing dopamine to be released in the brain, which causes you to want more.

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With an obesity rate more than twice that of France, The United States is 36.5% obese. With that number on the rise, soda taxes could become a very real idea amongst our society, and honestly, maybe not a bad idea. With 100% of your daily intake of sugar in a single can of Coca-Cola, its no wonder soda-guzzling Americans are overweight or obese. 

Although no one enjoys the government taxing our beloved goods, something surely needs to happen in order to fight the epidemic that is obesity. Maybe imposing taxes on the root of the obesity problem is the answer, maybe its not. However, if countries with far less of an issue of obesity are taking the matter by the horns, then maybe its time we do too.