Diet Coke has become a staple of American culture, whether it be complementing a juicy burger, coupled with movie popcorn,  or helping us stay awake for a long night of driving or studying.  The healthier alternative to regular Coke allows soda drinkers to not add as much sugar into their bodies while enjoying an extremely refreshing beverage. 

The company has come out with many different flavors over the years, including cherry, vanilla, and lemon. The stapled Coca-Cola machines even allow you to mix and match these flavors to create even more varieties of your own. Now, the brand is gearing towards millennials with four brand new flavors that are making people everywhere eager to try them. Unique, bright, and bold, here are the new additions to the Coca-Cola family, in a sleeker, slim can.

Zesty Blood Orange

Orange soda has a long history of turning tummies happy and tongues orange. Coca-Cola puts a new twist on the classic citrusy flavor we all know and love and boldens the strong and distinct flavors of blood orange. This new treat will zest up what it means to be a soda flavor and create a deep flavor profile you have never tasted before.

Ginger Lime

A hint of lime can easily be incorporated into drinks and tortilla chips. Ginger is also a great addition to chips, drinks, or as a palette cleanser in between sushi rolls. Adding the two together creates a refreshing and tame flavor that is perfect for on-the-go enjoyment.

Twisted Mango

A little mango never made anyone unhappy. This smooth yet rich flavor adds a sweeter note to the new flavor profile. Perfect for summer or as a treat after a long day, Twisted Mango should improve your mood with a pop of refreshment and sweetness.

Feisty Cherry

Cherry Coke has been around for quite some time, but the new version takes the cherry we know and love and tones it down to reflect a cooler, black cherry. It appeals to your taste buds and broadens the definition of what a soda flavor should be.  It has a bite to it that emphasizes the subtle tones of every sip.

New Product Design

In addition to their hot new flavors, Diet Coke completely revolutionized the design of their can. Say goodbye to the boring, round cylinder. The company slimmed down their design to appeal to millennials and make the product more modern and less wasteful. It will definitely be a standout on the shelves and easier to carry while going about your busy day.

This sleek, hot-off-the-press beverage will be hitting shelves later mid January 2018, so keep a lookout for the new flavors at your local supermarket. Even if you're not a regular soda drinker, or if bubbles aren't your thing, you should definitely get your hands on these new drinks to this new batch of revolutionary flavors a try.