With less than 10 days until Mother's Day, it's not too early to start gathering those gifts for the lovely mother figures in your life. In addition to a bouquet of flowers, show your mom some love with sweet treats ranging from chocolate and cake to cookies and ice cream

Here's a list of 9 sweet treats to get your mother this Mother's Day:

1. Godiva Assorted Goldmark Chocolate Gift Box


For those chocolate-loving mothers, Godiva has the perfect boxes of chocolate to gift this Mother's Day. The brands Goldmark Assorted Chocolate Box features Dark Chocolate Coconut, White Chocolate Sugar Cookie, Dark Chocolate Eclipse, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Velvet, Milk Chocolate Crème Puff, Milk Chocolate Almond Caramel and Milk Chocolate Caramel Embrace. 

2. Baskin-Robbins Floral Bouquet Mother's Day Cake


Who says ice cream cakes have to be solely for birthdays? This year Baskin-Robbins has a NEW Floral Bouquet Cake for Mother's Day. This customizable cake allows customers to choose mom's favorite cake and ice cream flavors and is decorated with a round lavender design, topped with a “Happy Mother’s Day” message and an ice cream cone bouquet of perfectly pastel frosting flowers.

3. Purecane Strawberry Shortcake Drop Cookies


Let's be honest, everyone's mother has a gigantic collection of sugar. Whether its for tea, coffee or baking you can't go wrong with the gift of sugar. While you can grab a bag of Purecane, why not make something heartfelt with it. 

Hannah Kling, @lovelydelites on Instagram, has created a recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Drop Cookies that are perfect for Mother's Day. 

Find the recipe HERE

4. Cheryl's Happy Mother's Day Bow Gift Box Cookies


Cookies are a staple for any celebration and that includes Mother's Day. Cheryl's offers a Mother's Day gift box set for the special occasion filled with 8 different individually wrapped flavors featuring the brands new limited-edition buttercream frosted cut-out cookies and additional flavors including peaches and cream, frosted chocolate chip, butter pecan, triple chocolate chip, blueberry muffin and ruby raspberry.

5. HipDot X Reese's Makeup Collection


While this makeup may not be edible, HipDot's latest Reese's-inspired collection calls for the perfect Mother's Day gift. HipDot X Reese's collection includes a White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Cup Palette, Tinted Lip Balm and Double Ended Brushes. Find the collection at HipDot.com, Ulta or Hersheyland.com. 

6. Magnolia Bakery Floral Cupcakes

Magnolia BakeryHeidi's Bridge

Enjoy an edible bouquet of roses this Mother's Day with Magnolia Bakery's Flower Cupcake Dozen. Each pack includes an array of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with a vanilla buttercream rose. 

7. Swoon Lemonade

Heidi's Bridge

To satisfy those sweet cravings without all the sugar, turn to Swoon this Mother's Day. The brands lemonade doesn't have any sugar and is sweetened by the natural sugar of monk fruit. Available in Pink, Classic and Half & Half, enjoy a can of lemonade this may. 

8. Serendipity Ice Cream

For the ice cream lovers, celebrate Mother's Day with a pint of Serendipity Ice Cream. The brands latest limited-edition flavor Central Perk Coffee Almond Fudge, inspired by the hit television show "Friends," combines coffee ice cream, fudge swirls and dark chocolate covered almonds together for a rich treat. 

9. Milano Cookies Mother's Day Bouquet 

Milano® Cookies

Why get a flower bouquet for those mothers out there when you can make a cookie one. Make a DIY Mother's Day bouquet using Milano cookies and enjoy a sweet treat while you're at it.