Every time I go to Manhattan I make it a priority to stop at Schmackary's. Schmackary's is home to what I think are some of the best cookies in New York City. Schmackary's is located right in the heart of the theater district on West 45th street and usually has a line that leads you outside the store because the cookies are just that tasty.

I have been to Schmackary's a handful of times and I have tried several of the cookies on the menu and I want to give you a ranking of the top five I have tried to help you make your decision for when you stop by this cookie joint. 

1. Funfetti

This cookie is my absolute favorite and I always get it when I go to Schmackary's. Every funfetti has a sugar cookie base and upon the first bite of this cookie, your taste buds are overwhelmed with a sugary sensation from the dough followed by the cream cheese frosting and the crunch of the rainbow sprinkles. This cookie is extremely soft, but it still has that nice chewy texture that is crucial for a good cookie. 

2. Cookie Dough

This cookie is one of the most unique sweet treats I have tried, because it is a cookie dough overload. This cookie is definitely for a cookie dough lover, because it consists of a sugar cookie base mixed with semi-sweet chocolate chips and covered with cookie dough frosting. This cookie has all of the amazing elements of your typical cookie, but the extra cookie dough taste makes it even better. 

3. Red Velvet

Red velvet is one of my favorite cake flavors and I honestly think it tastes better in the cookie form. This red velvet cookie consists of a deep red cocoa cookie dough mixed with semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate and is topped with cream cheese frosting. Your mouth will thank you for showing it some love after trying this delicious cookie!

4. Cookies & Cream 

I am totally down for anything like cookies & cream and this cookie is no exception. This cookie consists of a dark cocoa cookie dough base mixed with white chocolate and Oreo pieces. It is covered in vanilla cream cheese frosting and dusted with Oreo crumbs. I think this cookie could benefit from more Oreo being added into it, but otherwise it is a solid choice for a cookies & cream fanatic.

5.  Green Tea

I used to be an avid green tea drinker, but now I like to have it occasionally when I am in the mood for it. When I saw this cookie it instantly grabbed my attention because anything green tea related always holds a special place in my heart. This green tea cookie consists of matcha green tea cookie dough mixed with white chocolate and macadamia nuts and is topped with a green tea glaze. This cookie has a definitive green tea taste, but I thought it was a little too strong. I think this cookie would be perfect for a green tea enthusiast, but it did satisfy my green tea craving more than I had thought it would.

Additional Information

These cookies are a good price considering how large they are. 1 cookie costs $2.75, 2 cookies cost $5, 6 cookies cost $14, and 12 cookies cost $24.

The flavors they serve switch every month so if you want to stay up to date on what flavors they are currently serving make sure you check out their website.

Now that I have given you an overview of my top five favorite Schmackary's cookies, stop reading this article and head to New York City to grab your own!