Insomnia Cookies are every college student's guilty pleasure: super gooey, decadent cookies that you can drunkenly order at 2am.  But here's the deal: they're so freshman year.

That's right, I said it.  I used to order Insomnia Cookies for every small accomplishment: I read a chapter, I finished a paper, I got out of bed.  But after a while, ordering from those same nine flavors over and over again can get pretty old.

But there's another cookie delivery on the block, delivering around the country, with 75 freakin' flavors, so your best friend going to school in Middle-of-Nowhere, North Carolina can still eat NYC's tastiest treats (or because you're a hard working student in NYC and you deserve cookies delivered to you ASAP, too.)

So just where am I talking about?

Schmackary's Cookies, located in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.

All of Schmackary's insane flavors are available for both local and nationwide delivery...let me say it again for those in the back: that's over 75 flavors of cookies.

You can "Create Your Own Sampler," or choose from one of their cookie flights, like Chocolate Therapy, Cereal Killer, The Birthday Party, or Caramel Delight, with many more offered as well.  They even have a Vegan Variety, because everyone should be able to eat delicious and decadent cookies.

Do you want even more cookie goodness?  Schmackary's even has a freakin' Cookie Club.  Yes, a Cookie Club, where you can schedule monthly cookie deliveries in advance.  You can choose from the Baker's Variety, Frosted cookies, Nut Free cookies, or the Seasonal cookies.

A flight (of one dozen cookies) ranges between $25 and $30, while the Cookie Club runs at about $104 for three monthly deliveries of one dozen cookies, with their signature tin included (it has a little puppy on it!)

Treat yo'self, your BFF across the country, or your lovely parents to a dozen Schmackary's Cookies ASAP.  Spread the joy so everyone can look like this infamous little baby: