Wednesday, April 12th will be a day Appalachian State students will never forget.  Considering people don't even know how to pronounce the name of our school (Ap-uh-LATCH-ian) State, we were LIT to see Lil' Wayne adding our school to his most recent tour. 

lime, lemon, liquor, juice, alcohol, ice, cocktail

To prepare for this momentous event, you need to make sure you have the right drink because thats what "the man" would want for us.  He have to honor that and here's how, find your favorite jam and drink to Lil' Wayne:

1. A Milli- Champagne

beer, liquor, champagne, alcohol, wine
Caroline Early

He may not be the "Champagne Pappi" but if you can successfully resight the lines of A Milli, start poppin' these bottles!

2. Rich As F*ck - Grey Goose

This is a jam that has you feelin' fly and you need to be drinking something that compares to those feelings.  "Look at you, now look at us" *me whenever I'm feeling myself*

3. Love Me- Jack Daniels

beer, wine, liquor, alcohol, ice
Alyssa Nurre

Jack Daniels is a hard enough drink that, whether you "Love Me" or hate me, it'll block out the emotions. 

4. I'm Me- Vodka Sour

A classic drink for a classic jam. Don't worry, everyone a little bit of sour won't hurt ya ;) I promise.

5. Lollipop- Sex on the Beach 

cocktail, sweet, juice
Keni Lin

The sweet flavor of a Sex on the Beach is the perfect match when you are dreaming of your favorite candy right?

6. No Worries- Tequila

cider, juice, beer, tea
Renee Chiu

You want to live like there aren't any worries in the world when jamming' with Lil Wayne and tequila is best way to make that seemingly true. 

#SpoonTip:  Don't be afraid to mix it up with a little recipe cocktail, Tequila Sunrise, Marg, or if you just want the shots, bless your soul.

7. 6 Ft 7 Ft - Vodka and Spritzer

lime, juice, cocktail, ice, citrus, lemon, alcohol, water, tonic
Kaylee McIntosh

I don't feel super obligated to elaborate on this choice but if I must, I'll leave it to the lyrical genius himself.. "Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer" #truth.

8. Mirror- Scotch

Ron and Lil' Wayne couldn't agree more. When you're feeling down and need something that won't let you down: Scotch on the Rocks is your main homie.

9. Blunt Blowin'- Fireball

rum, alcohol, wine, whisky, beer, liquor
Scott Harrington

You probably thought I was going somewhere else with this choice guys, WRONG.  Keep it fire Wednesday night with the beautiful creation that is Fireball Whiskey.  

10. Knockout- Rum and Coke

liquor, alcohol, ice, juice, cocktail, wine, sweet, tea, rum, iced tea
Marina Wollmann

You know he is going to bring his A game so you better make sure you can keep up.  Let's make sure the title of this jam doesn't foreshadow how your night is going to turn out.

11. How to Low- Red Wine

cocktail, juice, red wine, ice, liquor, alcohol, wine
Alex Frank

This song can get you all up in those feels so might as well drink something that will foster those feelings.

12. Got Money- Crown Royal

Don't lie, you know when you were in middle school you found yourself thinking you were the next Lil' Wayne, feeling like a king/queen because of this song.  Now this is the time to drink like one #yaaasqueen.

13. Two Shots- Ever Clear

ice, water, alcohol, sake, liquor, tonic, vodka
Christin Urso

Only because you only need two shots and you'll be feeling all kinds of ready to get down for the night.  

Now I know I just made some heavy assumptions and we all don't pregame in the same way, so I'll leave you will one more alternative if you LOVE Weezy and aren't feeling the drinks: TACOS.  Lucky for us there are two fantastic places walking distances from Convocation for tacos which will be the perfect pregame, Tapp and Tanks Tacos. 

chili, salsa, tacos
Halle Carter

Everyone needs to stay safe out there, find an Uber, beeper, have a DD on hand and have an amazing time!  This will be a night everyone will remember (hopefully) has one of the most lit nights of their college experience.