It might be hard to believe, but salads are quite practical for a college student. They require one bowl, and whatever you've got leftover in your fridge or pantry. Most people think they'll never remain full on a salad alone, but a good protein source is key to maintaining that satiety. High protein salads should just become the new 'salad' in my opinion. 

While a lot of these use quinoa, kale, or chicken, don't be afraid to swap out for cous cous or whole grain pasta, romaine or iceberg, and tofu or various fish. Some of these are less than five ingredients even. If you've always been unsure how to construct your own salad, then here are some high protein salad recipes to help get you started.

1. Spring Crab Salad

chicken, salad
Abbie Ginis

Say goodbye to the cold weather with the spring crab salad. Although the name shouldn't throw you off—this salad is fresh all year round. 

2. Lentil Walnut Salad

garbanzo, tomato, salad, pea, corn, parsley, vegetable, legume
Lauren Peller

Use freshly boiled lentils for a warm salad or use leftovers for a refreshing lunch. It's good to know though that this lentil walnut salad will work just as well even if you have lentils straight from the can. 

3. Red Quinoa Chicken Salad

Lauren Peller

Unlike white quinoa that's light and fluffy, red quinoa adds a bit of a crunch and the beads don't stick together as much. This makes red quinoa chicken salad the perfect balance of tastes and textures. 

4. White Bean Quinoa Broccoli Slaw 

sprouts, onion, broccoli, salad, pepper, vegetable
Lauren Peller

Your basic coleslaw elevated with extra gains. The white bean quinoa broccoli slaw is the perfect side to your burger.  

5. Avocado Chicken Salad

egg, avocado, rice
lauren feld

Remember what I said about less than five ingredients? I was talking about this banging avocado chicken salad. Enjoy it plain, or on freshly toasted bread. 

6. Corn Chicken Salad with Feta, Peppers, and Hummus

meat, corn, vegetable
Krysten Dorfman

When they say to 'eat the rainbow,' they might as well have been referring to this colorful high-protein corn chicken salad

7.  Protein-Packed Vegan Salad

vegetable, salad
Danielle Cahoon

Or otherwise, the everything-in-my-kitchen salad. I assure you there's no protein lacking in this vegan salad

8. Kale Tempeh Salad

parsley, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, kale, vegetable, salad
Katherine Baker

If you're really not a fan of kale, then just swap it out for another green or whatever lettuce you have on hand. Although, I assure you the ingredients in this kale tempeh salad are a package deal. Don't knock it 'til you try it. 

9. Farro Salad with Chickpea, Sweet Potato, and Apple 

lentil, cereal, legume, pepper, rice, corn, parsley, vegetable
Katherine Baker

You've got the greens, the grains, the beans, the fruits, and the veggies. There's no way this farro salad will be leaving you hungry. 

10. Mustard-Base Tuna Salad

pork, lettuce, vegetable, chicken, rice, salad
Victoria Piranian

A slight tangy and spicy twist on your classic tuna salad with an extra crunch and protein kick from the walnuts. I'll surely be adding mustard to my tuna salad from now on. 

11. Fried Egg and Chickpea Salad

salsa, mango
Chase Kroesche

This fried egg and chickpea salad proves that it doesn't need to be on a bed of greens to be considered a salad. And what isn't made better with a splash of Sriracha on top? 

12. Peanut Sesame Noodle Salad

vegetable, spaghetti, broccoli, pasta
Julia Liang

For the ones who only have salad in their vocabulary, if it has pasta in it, then you should be making this peanut sesame noodle salad. The soba noodles are also naturally gluten-free.  

13. Quinoa Edamame Salad

chili, vegetable, pepper
Ashley Crompton

Edamame aren't just a filler for your sushi feasts, but are actually a great source of protein with 17 g per cup. This quinoa edamame salad will have you feeling energized all day long. 

14. Curry Tofu Salad

egg, chicken
Helena Lin

If you want to convince someone that tofu is just as delicious and versatile as other meat sources, then this curry-dressed tofu salad is the perfect recipe. 

15. Lemon Tahini Farro Salad 

risotto, lemon, rice
Nathalie Kent

Another great way to get some extra protein in your salad is to make a dressing with your favourite nut butter. Make this lemon tahini farro salad, and you might find tahini as your next pantry staple. 

16. Protein-Packed Chickpea Salad

corn, salad, onion, tomato, pepper, vegetable
Liz Joyce

Need to let out some energy or missed arm day at the gym? Mush, chop, and mix all the wonderful veggies for this protein-packed chickpea salad. Satiety and enjoyment guaranteed. 

17. Chicken Fajita Salad 

tomato, pepper, vegetable, salad
Megan Prendergast

You can leave it as it is, or you might as well just wrap this chicken fajita salad in a tortilla. Either way, you're still getting in your daily dose of veggies and protein. 

18. Avocado Chicken Salad With Grape and Almond

rice, vegetable, pepper
 Paige Pulaski

If you're feeling extra sweet, then swap for this avocado chicken salad variation

19. Thai Buddha Bowl 

Hannah Cather

To me, buddha bowls are just another name for a jacked-up salad. It's got all the ingredients you need to make a salad filling and appetizing. If you're ever worried that your greens don't carry enough protein, then you can't go wrong by making your own buddha bowl. Although with the flavours that it brings, you'll definitely want this Thai buddha bowl at top of your list. 

Now you see that salads don't have to stop at a bed of greens and a light dressing. Salad bowls welcome all sorts of fillers, and it's all based on your tastes and preferences. There are no boundaries when it comes to constructing high protein salads, so experiment with whatever you're left with—you might just find yourself creating a new recipe.