Ah, 2022: the year of dirty ‘sodies,’ butter boards, $17 dollar smoothies, and floral lattes. Though most of these trends were unexpected, some were perfectly on par – including experiential dining and plant-based swaps. As we look ahead to the next year, we predict that travel, climate-friendly dining, and healthy eating and drinking will strongly influence the biggest trends in food and drink in the new year. Here are the food trends of 2023 we are looking forward to.

1. Mocktails and Low-ABV Beverages

The sober-curious movement started making waves in 2021, and 2022 brought the rise of non-alcoholic or functional beverages to the forefront of retail and bars alike. According to Pinterest Predictions, searches for “Fancy non-alcoholic drinks” are up +220% right now, and “Mocktail Bar” is up +75%. Gen X will drive this trend, demanding mocktails, cocktails, and low-ABV options for all. Talk about a refreshing resolution for the New Year.

2. Super-Seafood

Photo via Trader Joe's

In 2023, the hottest superfoods will be seafood – but think plants, not fish. A long-standing staple in Asian cultures, ocean-based foods and minerals are growing in popularity among Millennials and Gen X all over the globe, thanks to their much-needed health benefits. Everything from green algae and nori to seaweed snacks are having a moment as more people discover their rich nutrient density. Due to the array of health benefits, people will look to the sea for the next family of superfoods.

Want to get a taste of the sea? Spoon is a huge fan of 12 Tides Kelp Chips and Trader Joe’s Seaweed Snack Packs.

3. Apothecary Aesthetic

Cottagecore meets the great outdoors, thanks to this trend that has Gen X and Millennials alike trading bouquets for "bouqakes" (cakes decorated to look like flowers). The apothecary aesthetic comes to the kitchen, with people of all ages tackling ambitious sweet treats like wildflower cupcakes and daisy desserts. According to Pinterest’s annual trend predictions, searches on the platform for ‘daisy cupcakes’ were up 85%; wildflower cupcakes were up 110%; and herbal apothecary aesthetic is up a whopping 1025%. 

4. Nostalgic Noms

As evidenced by the comeback of Y2K fashion trends and revivals of 90s movie and TV classics, people are more nostalgic for their childhood faves than ever. The fast food industry has listened and brought back some old staples with the return of the McRib and Mexican Pizza; the cocktail scene has seen a resurgence in the nostalgic Dirty Shirley; and health & wellness companies are rebranding new-old favorites to fit 2023’s health-conscious consumers (think Cinnamon Toast protein cereal and healthier instant ramen). Yelpers have been searching for the nearest spot where they can go to relive some of their childhood fast-food memories; searches for fast food were up 90%.

5. Cultural Cuisine

According to Instagram, Gen Z is exploring culture through cuisine in 2023. In fact, 68% of Gen Z social media users will either continue or would like to try food from another culture after discovering it online. Thanks to the world of #FoodTok, global cuisine is perfectly accessible from the comfort of your couch in 2023.

6. Mood Food

Photo via Laurie Wolf

What started with brownies and gummies has evolved into a whole new realm of cannabis in the culinary world. Chefs are infusing marijuana into stocks, roasting it with vegetables, and churning it with butter. There are even CBD-enhanced ice creams and beverages, ensuring that mood food will hit a new high in 2023.

7. Slushie Sips

Photo by Sammy Mintzer

Whether you’re a fan of frozen margaritas, the classic frosé, or the Starbucks secret menu Berry Hibiscus slushie, frozen drinks are set to have their frozen moment in 2023. According to Yelp, patrons are hunting down the best slushie drinks popping up across the country, with searches for slushie drinks up 77%.

8. Table for One

Forget cringe, solo dining is set to be totally chic in 2023. The COVID pandemic taught us how to thrive alone, and Gen Z is discovering the splendors of dining out alone – just look at the thousands of TikToks with the hashtags #SoloDate and #DiningAlone. It’s no longer embarrassing to dress up for a (solo) night out. Instead, you can sip your Espresso Martini and enjoy your plant-based pasta in peace.

9. Fungi Fever

Thanks to their meaty texture and umami-rich flavor, mushrooms will solidify their place as the ultimate plant-based superfood in 2023. Kick off the day with a cup of Mushroom Coffee; enjoy a hearty Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup for lunch; snack on shiitake-based Popadelics in the afternoon; and end your day with creamy mushroom pasta. And, yes, there are even mushroom-based cocktails.

10. Tinned Fish

Tinned fish became the official #HotGirlFood of summer 2022, and it’s sticking around next year. Full of omega-3s, tinned fish makes for a nutrient-dense and tasty snack to tide you over until dinner, and through the New Year. Try the TikTok-famous fishy snack, courtesy of user Danielle (@dzaslavsky), for yourself: corn chips topped with tinned mussels and Momofuku chili crunch, plus caviar if you’re feeling extra bougie.