Your body needs tons of nutrients in order to be healthy. One way to ensure we're getting these nutrients is to eat superfoods. What exactly are superfoods? Well, superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that are considered beneficial for your health. The list of superfoods goes on and on, so check it out for yourself. 

Eating superfoods daily is amazing for your health, but sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate these foods into your meals. Below is a list of my favorite superfoods that are easy to incorporate into your everyday diet. 

1. Açaí Berry

Hannah Hazy

The açaí berry has become a popular superfood choice, simply because everybody loves a good açaí bowl. By using this powder, you can make yourself a homemade açaí bowl. These bowls are a great way to get in tons of other superfoods too. Not only can you add spinach to your mixture, but you can also top it with fruit, honey, seeds, nuts, coconut, almond butter, and even more. Check out these açaí bowl recipes so you can get started. 

2. Kale

smoothie, juice, tea, matcha, apple, green tea, avocado
Delaney Burst

Kale is a great green to eat on the daily. You can, of course, make a yummy kale salad or just throw some into your homemade smoothie, but if you're getting sick of that I have another option for you: powdered kale. Yup, that's right. Following these directions is a fun DIY project that will pour in health benefits. You'll be able to sprinkle kale onto anything and everything. It honestly doesn't matter where you put it, because you can barely taste it. 

3. Chia Seeds

cereal, granola, muesli, oatmeal, blueberry, oat, corn, sweet
Delaney Burst

Chia seeds have tons of health benefits, but it's unlikely you'll eat them by the spoonful. It's common to add chia seeds into smoothies, cereal, and Greek yogurt, but I bet you didn't know you could put them onto your pizza. It may sound gross, but give it a try and I bet you won't be able to taste the difference. 

4. Zucchini 

bread, cake, banana, sweet, zucchini
Jasmine Tang

Zucchini is a great veggie that doubles as a superfood. If, however, you aren't a fan, there are other ways you can incorporate it into your diet. Everybody loves bread, so why not make it super bread? You can do so by making your own zucchini bread. This "bread" is technically a cake, but either way, you're definitely sneaking in a superfood. 

5. Avocado

avocado, egg, bacon, guacamole
Casey Bowen

Avocados are one of my favorite superfoods. They're full of healthy fats and do a great job of holding you over until your next meal. One of my favorite ways to eat avocados is by making avocado toast for a delicious breakfast. 

6. Quinoa 

quinoa, couscous, salad, vegetable, cucumber
Madison Temple

Quinoa is a unique superfood that can be used for meals throughout the day. Quinoa bowls are a great way to get in this important superfood, and they generally try to incorporate other superfoods as well like chickpeas, avocados, and all sorts of vegetables. Here are tons of yummy recipes for you to try out. 

7. Greek Yogurt

ice, strawberry, yogurt, cream
Maggie Harriman

Greek yogurt is a great breakfast food. Sometimes plain Greek yogurt can get a little boring, so here are some ways to spice it up.  This superfood can also be used to substitute mayo and butter in some of your favorite recipes to make them much healthier. 

8. Almonds

Delaney Burst

Almonds provide many necessary nutrients for the body and contain a ton of healthy fats. This superfood can be eaten on its own, or used in top of yogurt, açaí bowls, and in many other recipes. Many people also enjoy almond milk and almond butter

9. Dark Chocolate

tea, coffee, beer
Jeanne Kessira

Unfortunately, just because dark chocolate is a superfood doesn't mean you should eat it in large quantities. If you eat the proper serving size, however, it does have many health benefits. A piece of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away? A new saying I have learned to live by. 

These are just a few of my favorite ways to eat superfoods on a day to day basis. Consuming all the necessary nutrients is important for your health, so be sure to look up more recipes that include your favorite superfood. I recommend buying the recipe book Super Foods Every Day by Sue Quinn if you're interested in finding more recipes.