It’s time to upgrade your usual Starbucks order. As the winter season thaws and peppermint lattes become lackluster, grass begins to peak out from the wet slush and coffee shops begin to change their menus. The glorious blooming of spring brings a plethora of floral lattes that reflect the essence of the season, some which are sure to be 2022’s next big coffee trend.

We often forget the versatility of lattes in the U.S. Lattes can be made with either coffee or tea, allowing for endless flavor options, but Americans typically only think of espresso or chai as the base of lattes. The sheer diversity of tea can be seen in typical bubble tea menus, which are usually sprawling with fun flavors, syrups, and colors. Now, coffee shops around the country are challenging the usual vanilla or caramel latte order by incorporating innovative floral (and sometimes vegetal) flavors. Iced or hot, sweet or bitter, Instagrammable or just plain good, these 11 floral lattes have something to offer any coffee lover.

1. Rose Lattes

What says floral more than a classic red rose? Remi Flower & Coffee, a popular spot in New York City known for its photo-friendly lattes, serves up rose lattes unlike any other. With red decoration and sprinkles of petals, the steamy drink is loaded with the subtle essence of rosewater. A common debate of latte lovers is whether to use rose syrup rather than rosewater to ensure the soft taste of the flower can outshine the coffee, but syrups can result in an overly sweet flavor.

Rose lattes, iced or hot, can be paired with cardamom, honey, cacao, lavender, beetroot powder, and/or maple syrup.

2. Lavender Lattes

 Lavender isn’t just for your essential oil diffuser. The purple plant gives any latte a deliciously floral flavor — becoming a fairly common addition to fancy coffee shop menus. The latte is served at many cafes, such as Watercourse Foods, a Denver-based vegan restaurant, that offers its signature coffee grounds blended with lavender oil and any non-dairy milk.

Lavender lattes, iced or hot, can be paired with vanilla syrup, honey, matcha powder, and/or rose.

3. Butterfly Pea Lattes

 There has never been a more picture-worthy latte. With butterfly pea’s distinct blue shade, this latte has unmatchable color-changing qualities. Derived from the Asian flower's blue pigment, butterfly pea powder will definitely be the next big addition to fancy coffee everywhere. Found in coffee spots such as Cafe Georgetown in Washington, D.C., it’s coined the “Daydream Latte” for its magical blue color. The latte has a subtle, earthy flavor similar to matcha or chamomile.

Butterfly pea lattes, iced or hot, can be paired with honey, rose, maple syrup, vanilla syrup, matcha, and/or lavender.

4. Elderflower Lattes

Nowhere near as mainstream as the past few floral drinks, elderflower lattes offer a spunky new taste into the world of coffee. There are not many coffee shops capitalizing on this flavor yet, but recipe creators and caffeine lovers have shared their own takes on the beverage. Of the few shops that offer the delicate drink, it seems that select locations of Verve Coffee Roasters have taken on the challenge. Elderflower syrup also seems popular as a mixer in alcoholic beverages because of its extreme sweetness (imagine the trendy espresso martini with a touch of elderflower!).

Elderflower lattes are open to vast interpretation, but have been paired with beetroot powder for a cute pink color.

5. Dandelion Lattes

Dandelion root is a hidden gem in the world of milk teas and coffee! Dandelion root is often used as a coffee substitute, the thick, brown root is caffeine-free and creamy when baked and brewed correctly. Yet, some coffee fans sprinkle the root into their traditional lattes for the taste and its health benefits. Dandelion’s stomach and liver cleansing properties were first used by North American Indigenous peoples, making for a powerful tea and fun flavor addition. These lattes have only gained traction in specific Los Angeles coffee shops and through the ready-to-buy Dandy Blend coffee alternative.

Dandelion lattes, hot or iced, have been paired with the flavors of chai, cinnamon, cardamom, caramel syrup, and/or vanilla syrup.

6. Hibiscus Lattes

Similar to the coloring of rose lattes, adding hibiscus powder and petals into your coffee packs a purple-pink tropical punch. Hibiscus tea is traditionally made by steeping the pink flower in hot water, but, like many other flavors on the list, can be modified into an alluring latte concoction. The petals also offer health benefits due to their antioxidant properties.

Hibiscus lattes, hot or iced, have been mixed with rose, honey, vanilla syrup, ginger, and/or earl grey tea.

7. Jasmine Lattes 

Jasmine lattes, combines calming tea with milky coffee. More often used as an additive than a flavor itself, the soft floral essence of this white flower can be used as a tea blend or a sweet syrup. It’s an elegant, light acidic flavor that is sometimes even infused in coffee beans.

Jasmine lattes, hot or iced, can be blended with matcha, honey, and/or London Fog.

8. Spirulina Lattes 

Similar to the extraordinary color of butterfly pea, spirulina powder (which is blue algae cyanobacteria) can be added to any coffee for a brilliant blue shade and earthy flavor. Its distinct flavor is sometimes compared to sour milk, but is more well known for boosting the immune system and energy levels. Spirulina caught some traction in Australia in 2016, quickly becoming a viral Instagram trend. A comeback is in the works!

Blue algae lattes, hot or iced, are not usually paired with any strong flavors, but can be enjoyed with cinnamon, maple syrup, honey, ginger, and/or lemon zest.

9. Matcha Lattes

You simply cannot go wrong with the classics. This popular tea is a drink dating back to around the 9th century China with a bright green color and creamy consistency. The beverage attracted attention in the past decade after the powder’s versatility was recognized in many creative recipes for drinks and baked goods, amassing 1.4 billion views under #matcha on TikTok. Lattes are just another addition to the list of matcha-flavored treats!

Matcha lattes, hot or iced, can be paired with nearly any other flavor. Some fun combinations to try could be adding mint, lavender, white chocolate, cinnamon, and/or sesame paste.

10. Beet Lattes

Adding another brightly pigmented drink to the list, beet lattes are an impressive orange-pink experience. Similar to the hues of a sunset, these lattes are made with beetroot powder and common in wellness communities for their health benefits such as their inflammation fighting properties. The beverage can be made with a beetroot or beet powder, which is similar to a tea blend but is actually vegetable-based.

Beet lattes, hot or iced, are often enjoyed with maple syrup, orange zest, vanilla syrup, and/or cinnamon.

11. Cherry Blossom Lattes 

This is nothing like the Starbucks Pink Drink. Cherry blossom lattes are an adorably pink ode to the flowers that are known to bloom mostly in Japan and Washington, D.C. The cherry blossom flower is known as Sakura in Japan, sometimes being called a Sakura latte. While some coffee shops like Compass Coffee in D.C. make it with vanilla and cherry flavored coffee beans, some cherry blossom lovers add cherry syrup, or a cherry blossom powder to their drinks for a homemade version. At Starbucks Japan you can even purchase a strawberry sakura latte mix.This pink drink is the ideal way to bring in spring!

Cherry blossom lattes, hot or iced, can be mixed with strawberries, vanilla syrup, and/or matcha.