This Iced Matcha Latte is delicious, healthy, and caffeinated enough to get you through the morning.  Matcha’s health benefits and use as a flavoring are making it one of the biggest food movements of the year (read about it’s many uses here and here).  For those of you who, like me, are not coffee fans, the matcha movement is a godsend.  Finally coffee shops are giving us an alternative to chai in the form of the matcha latte.  But the student budget doesn’t stretch to a matcha latte a day, and this recipe is here to help.  I use the Teapigs matcha, which you can buy online here.  You can buy matcha powder from most major tea companies, and if you’re not a fan of matcha’s usual earthy taste, some companies offer flavored varieties such as Davids Tea’s pumpkin pie matcha and mocha matcha.  I used almond milk here, because I like its hint of sweetness, but you can use any milk or milk substitute.

So get going, whether you need a morning pick-me-up before your summer internship or you just want a cold drink to sip by the pool, this is going to be your new go-to.





Iced Matcha Latte

  • Prep Time:2 Minutes
  • Cook Time:3 Minutes
  • Total Time:5 Minutes
  • Servings:1
  • Easy


  • 1 Packet of Matcha Powder
  • 3/4 cup Almond Milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon Honey
  • 1 cup Ice
Photo by Caitlin McCreight
  • Step 1

    Put the matcha powder, almond milk, and honey in a blender.

    Photo by Caitlin McCreight
  • Step 2

    Blend them together for approximately 30 seconds.

    Photo by Caitlin McCreight
  • Step 3

    Fill a glass with ice.

    Photo by Caitlin McCreight
  • Step 4

    Pour the blended matcha, milk, and honey over the ice.

    Photo by Caitlin McCreight