Halloween is fast approaching and we are all trying to get our lives in order to plan a spooktacular Halloween bash. Whether or not you've had your costume planned since September, or you'll just make a last minute decision before hitting the parties, you may have forgotten one frighteningly important detail. The drinks. So before darkness descends and specters and monsters come out to play, check out these 7 Halloween drink ideas (shots and regular alcoholic drinks for those who don't like a sudden burning sensation). They will turn your party from drab to hauntingly fun. Happy Halloween!

1. Candy Corn Jello Shots

Don't let your bias against this seasonal candy get in the way of trying these three tiered creations. The combination of sweetened condensed milk, Jello and vanilla vodka taste nothing like real candy corn and is easy to slide down, so be careful. 

2. Syringe Shots

Someone took the word "shots" quite literally. Jello shot syringe holders filled with a magical concoction are mad-scientist approved. Experiment with flavors and colors to make these medical instruments enticingly eerie. Only on Halloween would I consider throwing back a shot in a (fake) needle dispenser. 

3. Zombie Brain Hemorrhage 

If the name of this apocalyptic drink isn't enough to make you squirm, then you are a brave soul embracing the Halloween spirit. Combinations of colors and textures from Bailey's Irish cream, grenadine, peach schnapps, and cream de menthe create a sickeningly ghoulish look. 

4. Jekyll & Gin

Bring out your hidden side with this deceiving, sophisticated looking drink. The coral colored concoction will confuse your guests once it's placed under a black light, but will be a hit at your Halloween bash. 

5. The Blackout

Black cats, witches hats, and vodka? I'm in! Yes, who knew black vodka is actually a thing. Since this dark and spooky drink may be hard to find in stores, you can opt for adding food coloring to the alcohol, which is what this recipe calls for. A dash of ginger ale and a stick of licorice gives this shot a little extra kick. 

6. Blood Clot Shots

Turn a medical disaster into a delicious, and gory, treat. Add a slightly burned marshmallow on top for a more realistic, macabre look. Place band-aids dipped in red food dye on a serving plate for decorating bonus points. 

Spoon tip: don't think about the name too much before you throw this back. 

7. Candy Shots

Christie Rentschler

Submerge your favorite candy in booze to create brews that belong in a witch's cauldron. Just grab some Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers, whatever you want, and add some booze. Combine your favorite colors to make ominous drinks. Let sit in a covered mason jar and voila! You just concocted candy flavored shots! 

Channel your inner wicked side at your upcoming Halloween parties with these bewitching party drinks. Change into your costume, dance your heart out to the Monster Mash and enjoy these mysteriously delicious Halloween drinks. Have fun, but please be safe and responsible, my friends!