My love for baking and food has led me down some pretty interesting YouTube rabbit holes in the past. This season, my culinary binge-watching has led me to some of the most creative and jaw-dropping desserts, perfect for any Halloween party! Whether you're wanting something cute and easy to make for yourself, or something outrageous that would even impress Wednesday Adams, this collection of the spookiest Halloween treats on Youtube is sure to fill your every need!

Harry Potter Butterbeer Cake

Harry Potter is one of the hallmark Halloween characters and this delicious cake is perfect for anyone trying to channel their inner wizard. This vanilla cake is filled with butterscotch fudge butter cream, toffee, jelly beans, nut brittle, and decorated with caramel spider webs and the iconic chocolate frogs. This delicious treat is perfect for anyone throwing a magical Harry Potter themed Halloween party!

Channel: How To Cake It

Difficulty: Perfect for a weekend baking project

Poison Apples and Bloody Cheesecake

The guys at SORTEDfood have brought audiences another one of their wild and funny challenges–Halloween style. Showcased are more sinister versions of the typical Halloween treats, with poison chili-chocolate ice-cream filled apples and a bloody Oreo cheesecake. Your eyes may not be too keen on these spooky creations, but your stomach sure will be. 

Channel: SORTEDfood

Difficulty: Perfect for an afternoon bake-off with your friends 

Halloween Spider Cake

For those looking for something a little less gory and a little more extravagant, Man About Cake made possibly the most beautiful Halloween cake EVER! This spice cake filled with pumpkin spice buttercream (I know, I know) channels both your autumnal and Halloween vibes, and is perfect for anyone who needs a cake made to impress.

Channel: Man About Cake

Difficulty: Better leave this one to the experts!

Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies

This spooky take on a fall classic is perfect for anyone looking for a little evening treat that isn't going to take you all day. These gingerbread cookies, decorated as little skeletons, are perfect for jazzing up your cookie jar this Halloween. Super simple, fun, and delicious!

Channel: CupcakeJemma

Difficulty: You could do this in your sleep!

Spooky Haunted House Cake

This adorable haunted house is filled with vanilla and chocolate marble cake and Italian meringue buttercream. To make matters even sweeter, you can decorate the outside of your spooky digs with all of your leftover Halloween candy (if you manage to have any)!

Channel: How To Cake It

Difficulty: You may want to book off an afternoon for this one.

Chocolate Orange Layer Cake

This video may be a little corny with its Halloween subplot, but the cake at the end is well worth it! Baker, CupcakeJemma, makes another one of her mouth-watering cakes to feed your spooky appetite. This chocolate orange sponge cake, layered between pools of pumpkin coloured buttercream, and dripping with chocolate drizzle is so easy to make, you could do it in the dark (as Jemma does). 

Channel: CupcakeJemma

Difficulty: Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions will have this adorable Jack-o-lantern cake before your eyes in no time!

Creepy Cobweb Cake

If you love chocolate and candy, but can never pick between the two, this cake is perfect for you! This black chocolate cake filled with orange buttercream and packed with all your favourite candies is an easy way to get your sugar fix. Covered with a black chocolate ganache and wrapped with marshmallow cobwebs, there's no wonder this cake made it onto the list of the spookiest Halloween treats on Youtube!

Channel: How To Cake It

Difficulty: Perfect Saturday project to get your hands dirty!

Whether your craving something elaborate and terrifying for your Halloween party this year, or wanting to keep things cute and simple, this list is bound to give you some inspiration, and maybe even a few scares this season!