Known for settling stomachs and helping tummy aches, ginger ale is a refreshing soda worth trying. While most sodas are cloyingly sweet, ginger ale (depending on the brand) has a sour, citrus-y note that makes it refreshing and irresistible. The ginger ales that are made with a significant amount of real ginger have a peppery flavor that reflects the authentic taste of ginger. There are numerous ginger ale brands on the market, and they all vary in the ingredients and flavor. However, the best ginger ale is sweet, citrusy, and a little peppery. The following brands have mastered the art of making ginger ale and are worth your money. 

Blenheim Hot

The best ginger ale that I've found originates in South Carolina and like the south, it has a kick. Blenheim offers three varieties of their ginger ale: Hot, Not as Hot, and Diet. The Hot ginger ale is my favorite; it is completely tantalizing and delicious. When you first take it sip, it's sweet and bubbly, but then the heat creeps up on you and envelopes your mouth in a pepper explosion. The beautiful balance of heat and sweet is insanely addictive.

The Not as Hot is great too, it still has a little kick, but the heat isn't as strong if you desire the more traditional ginger ale flavor. The Blenheim's Diet isn't my fave simply because the heat overwhelms the sweetness of the ginger ale, and all you can taste is the heat. Overall, Blenheim is exceptional because the company isn't afraid of the real spice of ginger.

#SpoonTip: Blenheim is only sold in stores in the south, but you can buy it online


Boylan's ginger ale is a success because of its strong citrus flavor. The tangy notes enhance the peppery flavor of ginger and help balance the sweetness. The level of carbonation in each bottle is the literal definition of perfection. The ease and appeal of Boylan's is that you can find the beverage company in most major grocery store chains in the United States like Kroger, Fry's, and Food Lion as well as online.

Canada Dry & Lemonade

Canada Dry's new special Ginger Ale and Lemonade is easily their best drink. The lemonade in it complements the ginger flavor similar to Boylan, but Canada Dry's is more lemon forward because it's specifically a combination of lemonade and ginger ale. I'm surprised it took soda makers so long to come out with this fabulous combination! It is sweet, a little sour, and very bubbly. Canada Dry's new summertime drink can be found at virtually all major grocery stores like Walmart, Food Lion, and Target. 

Canada Dry

This ubiquitous classic that most of us drink on the airplane is still near the top. If you are looking for a light and sweet soda, this is the ginger ale for you. Although Canada Dry's drinks offer a milder tone of ginger, its classic sugary sweetness is beloved. Canada Dry has a stronger flavor and more carbonation than the generic and lesser known ginger ale brands.


The differences between Seagram's and Canada Dry are very subtle, and you can't go wrong with either choice. Seagram's ginger ale tastes very sweet with a sour note (from the ginger) at the end. Seagram's is fairly good at balancing the sweet to sour ratio, but of course the company itself likes to lean towards the sweet end.

If ginger ale isn't your thing, don't turn your nose up just yet. Ginger ale is a great addition to mixers, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. If you're under 21 like I am, you understand that finding good mocktails is like trying to get my dog to say "hamburger"—it just doesn't happen.

So I've taken it upon myself to find some great mock-tails to make at home, and they all feature ginger ale! If you're legal to drink, then you can add your favorite booze to a Lime Sunset, Ginger Mojito, a Raspberry Ginger Ale Punch, a Melon Slush, a Cranberry Fizz, and a Sangria with Ginger Ale.

#SpoonTip: The iconic Shirley Temple was originally made with ginger ale.

Ginger ale has been around for a long time, and a classic like this will never go out of style. So I invite you to hop onto the band wagon, pop the top off your ginger ale, and enjoy with me!