So you’ve decided to throw a wicked sweet rager or participate in Running of the Bulls over Halloweekend. Don’t worry, you don’t have to retire your favorite drinking games because I’m here to prove that you can Halloween-ify basically any drinking game. First things first, it’s all about the aesthetic.

Time to bench your reliable red solo cups and let the orange and black party cups take the field.

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Cat Driscoll

Nothing says Halloween more than orange and black and this easy pairing can make the most basic of party games seem festive. Why stop at the cups when you can also spice up the ping pong balls that you use for games like beer pong and Civil War? Use a sharpie and draw a bloodshot eye on the ping pong balls or go online and order some Halloween-themed ones. The options are endless.

#SpoonTip: For any game that involves lots of beer (like beer pong, slap cup etc.) swap out the Natty Light for some hard apple cider or pumpkin ale. #sofall

Now that the basics are covered, here are a few Halloween games to play at your next party.

Slap a Witch

This is your typical slap cup game except the cup in the middle is the “witches brew” that the loser has to drink. Use your new party cups and creepy ping pong balls and play some ~spooky tunes~ in the background for some Halloween ambiance. (Monster Mash anyone?)

Trick or Treat

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Evan Caligor

Warning: play if you dare. This game is easy and is perfect for risk-takers. Fill six non-transparent cups up with a “trick” shot or a “treat” shot and number them 1-6. The trick cups are filled with a shot of gross, wicked strong liquor while the treat cups are filled with delicious and sweet tasting liquor.

Players roll a die and whatever number they get is the cup that they have to drink out of. Don’t forget to mix up the cups every once in a while so that players won’t know if they will be drinking Malibu or Smirnoff Sours. (Yes, they do make Smirnoff Sour vodka and they are self-proclaimed “a frightfully delicious drink.”)

Bobbing for Snow White’s Poisoned Apple

Not technically a drinking game that got spiced up but it’s definitely a fall favorite.

Carve numbers into the apples and put them in a large bucket filled with water. If your college budget is able to swing it, then fill the bucket with some jungle juice. The numbers indicate how many shots that the apple bobber has to take. For an extra challenge, have everyone eat their boozy apple as well!

Horror Movie Drinking Game

Halloween is the perfect time to play this game since a ton of cable channels (like SiFy, FX, and Freeform) are playing Halloween and horror films. There are a bunch of drinking games already made for each movie that you can find online. If you’ve seen the movie enough times then you can always make up your own rules instead (or just play the official Hocus Pocus drinking game).

Thriller Flip Cup

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Cat Driscoll

Just like in the zombie apocalypse, teams are irrelevant. It's all about the individual ghoul and goblin in this musical version of flip cup. 

Break out your boom box and pump some old school holiday tunes for a Thriller time. Then, set up enough orange and black cups around the table for everyone playing. When the music starts playing, everyone dances around the table until the music stops. Once it stops, everyone grabs the cup in front of them, drinks and flips it. Whoever flips the cup last is out! #Sorry 'bout it.

Boo! Zoo

Cat Driscoll

(Courtesy of College Candy)

Cast your cups and ping pong balls aside to play everyone’s favorite ice breaker turned Halloween drinking game. Everyone sits in a circle and decides what Halloween character or thing they want to be as well as an easy gesture to symbolize that.

For example, if you choose to be a witch your gesture could be putting your hands together to form a pointed hat on top of your head. (Ghost can wiggle their arms in a ghost-like motion etc.)

Once the starting player is determined, everyone makes a beat (similar to “We Will Rock You” rhythm) by slapping their thighs twice and clapping once. The starting player continues with the beat but inserts their gesture in it and then another player’s gesture.

For example slap-slap-ghost, slap-slap-Frankenstein. It’s then Frankenstein’s turn to throw it to someone else. Whenever someone messes up either the beat or someone’s signal, then everybody drinks!

Pumpkin Kings

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Cat Driscoll

Who doesn't love a game of kings before a night out off-campus? Most of the rooms are the same, with a few surprises. Here are the changes:

5: Muggles: everyone who is dressed as something of this world has to drink (celebrities, athletes, country club moms, and muggles this one's for you).

6: Out of this world: aliens, wizards, anyone dressed as something mythical and magical drinks

10: Categories: whatever category you choose, try to relate your answers to fall and Halloween (i.e. Halloween movies or Halloween songs etc.)

King: Ruler: make a rule that's Halloween related that everyone has to follow until the next king is drawn (i.e. whenever someone says ___ then make everyone do part of the Thriller dance)

I hope these games help make your party a ~spooky~ good time!