Gift giving is a fine art that I’ve yet to master. I put off buying gifts for friends and family until the last minute, thinking I’ll come up with the perfect gift before the holidays. What usually winds up happening is I realize it’s a week until Christmas and I still haven’t bought a single present. Over the years, I’ve found that having a list of easy last-minute gift ideas is essential to surviving the holidays. Here are my 20 favorite last-minute gifts, many of which can be made in bulk and given to multiple people.

1. Cookies

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Erin Feeney

Let’s get the most obvious gift out of the way first. I’ve yet to meet someone who turned their nose up at my homemade cookies, which makes them a great last-minute gift idea. If you have extra time for planning, I suggest buying some glass jars from your local craft store and layering all the dry ingredients for the cookies inside. Add on a cute bow and a recipe card, and you’ve got a gift that’s thoughtful but super easy to throw together. 

2. DIY Mug Cake Gift Set

french onion soup
Emma Weir

Of all the last-minute gift ideas in this list, I think a DIY mug cake package is one of the cutest ideas. Put the dry ingredients for your favorite mug cake into a cute baggie and tuck them into a mug. If you have extra holiday candy lying around, put a few pieces into the mug to fill it up. Tie a bow around the mug and admire your handiwork. Bonus points if you decorate the mug yourself. 

#SpoonTip: Try one of these nine mug cakes as your gift this year. 

3. Coffee Gift Set

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MyLinh Truong

This last-minute gift idea is perfect for the coffee addict in your life. Buy a package of nice coffee beans (or instant coffee, if the person you’re giving this to lives in a dorm), a cute mug, and homemade creamer if you’re so inclined. You know this person better than anyone, so you can customize this package to their liking. For example, if your loved one drinks mochas, throw in some hot chocolate packets so they can make a DIY mocha at home.

4. Hot Cocoa in a Jar

chocolate, cream, sweet, cake, candy, milk
Izzi Weiss

Hot cocoa in a jar is the epitome of the holidays. Each year I wind up with at least one jar of the stuff, and each year I manage to go through all of it before December rolls around again. You can make a big batch of hot cocoa mix in less than 10 minutes. Then all you have to do is pop it in jars, tie a ribbon around the top, and restrain yourself from making all the hot cocoa for yourself.

5. Wannabe Chef Gift Set 

Spice, oregano
Victoria Hoang

This gift is for the Iron Chef in your life. Buy a cute baking dish and place a set of kitchen towels in it. Then tuck a set of salt and pepper shakers into the towels to prevent them from rolling around. You might want to include some flavored salts or spices to round out the package, if your budget allows it. Simply tie a ribbon around the baking dish and present as is.

6. Nut Butters

dairy product, pastry, cake, toast, cream, chocolate, sweet, bread, almond butter, apples, Nut butter, Sourdough
Julia Gilman

Nut butters in any form make for a fab last-minute gift. You can either make your own nut butter or hit up your local grocery store for some high-end spreads. There’s a nut butter guy at my local farmers market who I prefer buying from. Locally-made nut butters are usually a bit more expensive, but they make great gifts.

7. Mini Bar Gift Set

tea, ice
Susanna Mostaghim

When in doubt, alcohol is always a welcome gift during the holidays. Wrap up some infused vodka (or the alcohol of your choice), bitters, a shot glass, and a shaker, and get ready for the best holiday party yet.

#SpoonTip: If you have time, making homemade infused vodka is super easy and will make your gift even more personal.

8. Puppy Chow

candy, sweet, chocolate, marshmallow, cookie, beignets
Meredith Ross

If you didn’t eat your body weight in homemade puppy chow, did you even celebrate the holidays? Any of these 17 puppy chow recipes can be made in a pinch, and all you need is a festive baggie to pull the whole thing together.

9. Fudge

cake, sprinkles, candy, cream, chocolate, sweet, goody, pastry, sweetmeat
Audrey Mirabito

It’ll be tough competing with grandma’s homemade fudge, but I have faith in you. There are plenty of ways to make fudge in the microwave, which is an easy alternative to traditional fudge. A handful of holiday sprinkles will transform the fudge into a festive treat.

10. Chocolate Bark

chocolate, candy, sweet, cream, milk, goody
Sarina Raman

Another no-bake treat, chocolate bark can be made with just a handful of ingredients. Festive sprinkles work magic on plain chocolate bark, as does crushed peppermint.

11. Movie Gift Basket

popcorn, corn, cereal, kettle corn, salt, sweet
Sara Carte

A movie gift basket is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s technically for your friend, but we all know you’re the one she watches movies with most often. Get your hands on a cute popcorn container or bowl, and put microwave popcorn, a DVD, and some candy inside. Kudos to you for being so thoughtful!

12. Brownies

chocolate, sweet, cookie, cake
Sydney Segal

Like homemade cookies, you can either bake the brownies and gift them on a cute plate or put the dry ingredients in a jar and decorate it with a festive ribbon. If you go the jar route, put some mix-ins on top of the dry mix, like peppermint or chocolate chips.

Try out this brownie mix in a jar, or one of these 11 blondie recipes if chocolate isn't your fave. 

13. Hangover Relief Package

Kristine Mahan

Holiday parties are fun, but their side effects can be brutal. Gift your party-loving friend a bottle of Advil, a reusable water bottle, instant coffee packets, and a container of Bisquick Shake and Pour pancake mix to cure their holiday hangover.

14. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

chocolate, peanut
Isabelle Langheim

All you need to make chocolate-covered pretzels is the chocolate of your choice, cute sprinkles, and pretzel rods. Tie a bow around your pretzels and wait for them to be gobbled up.

15. Infused Butters

dairy product, cream, milk, sweet, bread
Halley Rose Meslin

Nothing says ‘I’m an adult’ like infused butter. Lucky for you, there’s no churning required for this last-minute gift. Buy a few sticks of butter from the store, let them warm to room temperature, and then mix in your favorite flavors.

#SpoonTip: Make sure you allow enough time for the butter to harden in the refrigerator before gifting your infused butter.

16. Wine and Cheese Gift Set

alcohol, wine, red wine, cheers, glass, liquor, beverage
Caroline Ingalls

A DIY wine and cheese set is arguably the classiest last-minute gift on this list. Buy your favorite bottle of wine, some nice cheese from the deli section, and some fancy crackers or jam. Your friend will be blown away by your thoughtful gift.

17. Homemade Popcorn

chocolate, sweet, cream, goody, milk, candy, caramel, popcorn, cake
Jina Kim

Popcorn kernels are dirt cheap and can be customized so many ways. These 15 popcorn recipes are easy to make and include both sweet and savory options.

18. Bottomless Brunch Gift Set 

pancake, syrup, sweet, dairy product, honey, butter, cream, pastry
Christin Urso

Skip the long wait at your favorite restaurant and gift homemade brunch to your loved one this year instead. Wrap up some pancake mix (store-bought or homemade, whichever you have time for), a bottle of real maple syrup, some Bloody Mary mix, and any other brunch essentials you think necessary.

19. Chia Seed Jam

sweet, jam, pastry, cake, bread
Christal Acosido

Chia seed jam is easier to make than regular jam but is just as delicious. Gift the jam in a cute jar and round out the gift with some nice crackers or a jar of nut butter.

20. Athletic Gift Set

sweet, candy, chocolate, cake, granola, pastry, cookie, muesli
Alex Tom

This gift is perfect for the athlete in your life. Whip up a quick batch of homemade granola bars (don’t worry, they’re really easy to make), and gift alongside a cute sports bra or pair of gym shorts and a reusable water bottle. This is such a simple last-minute gift idea, but it’s all the stuff your athlete uses on a daily basis.

Hopefully these last-minute gift ideas will keep you from panicking this holiday season. I know it’s stressful trying to think of the perfect gift, but anything homemade you make will be appreciated. After all, it’s the thought that counts.