Even though Sex and the City aired 19 years ago, Carrie Bradshaw's reactions haven't stopped being relatable. Apart from her annoying "I couldn't help but wonder" catchphrase, Carrie is also known for her very bold reactions. Regardless if you see yourself more as a Samantha or a Miranda, this article is going to prove that every now and then, we are all a Carrie.

So, since its not only a love for shoes and brunch that we all share with Carrie, here are 20 food related moments where Carrie's reactions manage to describe ours perfectly. 

20. When someone won't stop talking about how many calories are in your meal

Yeah, okay, we get it. You know a lot about nutrition and labels

19. When someone talks to you before your coffee

If its the morning and you don't see me with a coffee in my hand, don't talk to me. 

18. When you are so full you agree to start exercising 

Exercising always sounds like a better idea when you discuss it than when you actually start doing it. 

17. When you finally get around to buy groceries

You are not alone. We've all procrastinated shopping for groceries a little longer than we've like to admit.

16. When you decide to try out that place and realize it's cash-only

Because this only seems to happen when you only have $5 in your wallet

15. When you can't find your friends in the club

Even if you feel like sometimes vodka is your only ally, you'll find your friends eventually in time for splitting the Uber back home. 

14. When you are waiting for the delivery guy like

He said forty minutes and it's been thirty-five minutes...where is he already? 

13. When the delivery guy finally arrives 

That's right, we all have that happy dance we do when we see the driver roll up. Now you are ready for a good night of binge watching

12. When your friends start stealing your food

If you didn't order fries, please don't eat half of mine. 

11. When you take a bite of your food

It might be a grilled cheese sandwich or a nice and juicy steak, but it still tastes like love. 

10. When you want to make your ramen noodles dinner fancier

In college, nothing says classy meal like a glass of affordable wine with your meal. 

9. When any of your friends asks you if they should order dessert 

...And dessert is always what's best for you. 

8. When you realize your roommate ate the leftovers you've been saving

Don't. Eat. What. Is. Not. Yours.

7. When someone says you've had enough to drink

Even though, you'll regret saying this in the morning.

6. When someone asks you why you spend so much money on eating out

And in my stomach. 

5. When you try to do a recipe you saw on Facebook

But like, why don't know my meals ever look like that Delish video I reposted. 

4. When the weekend finally comes along and you can start making brunch plans

One word. Six letters. Say it and I'm yours. Brunch

3. When you are still hungry so you start thinking about the last time you ate

Hmmm...I think I'm missing my third lunch/snack of the day.

2. When you finally persuaded your friends to make a food stop after the bars

This should really be a tradition. Don't fight it, guys.

1. When someone asks if you want to share one plate instead of ordering one each

When it comes to food, it is really the more the merrier!