After hearing that ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter, I had to try it out for myself. This Japanese nutritionist suggests that if you eat ice cream first thing when you wake up, you will experience increased mental awareness. Apparently, eating ice cream activates the "pleasure spots" in the brain, and these spots increase energy levels. So I figured I would try just about anything in order to stay awake during my 9 am class (and have an excuse to eat more ice cream). 

Day 1

Sarah Gilbert

I jumped out of bed because I knew I was treating myself to some Cherry Garcia (cherries are fruit, so it's #healthy). I definitely felt more awake and efficient, but this feeling didn't last long. By noon, I was running to Starbucks for a pick-me-up. 

Day 2

mocha, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Gabby Phi

After barely rolling out of bed, I sat at my desk with my pint of ice cream and got to work. It was a great study snack, however unhealthy, but I couldn't possibly make it the rest of the day without coffee. Although the ice cream did give me some initial energy, it couldn't replace my daily coffee.

Maybe I'm just addicted to caffeine, but I also tried binging on the remainders of the pint after dinner when I felt like I wasn't getting anything done. It definitely made me wake up just enough to finish my work, but I wouldn't say it was a strong jolt of energy. So, although ice cream may not give you enough energy to last the whole day, it  did revitalize me (at least for a little while). 

Day 3

Annnnd, on the third day, I decided that coffee was a much better alternative to ice cream. About 20 minutes after my ice cream, I went to get coffee, but I will remember the results of this experiment during finals, so I have an excuse to eat more ice cream.

Hey, maybe that's why Joe Biden is so accomplished? I thought this experiment was great, but ice cream is merely an addition to coffee — not a replacement. I'll remember these results when it's 9 pm and too late to drink coffee, but never too late for ice cream.