The combination of chocolate and cherry isn't exactly my favorite flavor combination, if I'm being honest. Chocolate and raspberry? Sure. Chocolate and peanut butter? Hell yeah. But that doesn't mean the rest of the world agrees.

Some people love and cherish their chocolate-covered cherries and I have to say more power to them because they'll probably fall in love with the flavor Ben & Jerry's just released.

Their classic Cherry Garcia got a makeover and now goes by the name of Chocolate Cherry Garcia—because everything is better when you add chocolate. Just kidding, Cherry Garcia is still available for all your movie night needs.

According to one source, Ben & Jerry's claims, "This was a fun way to add a chocolate twist to create a new flavor by using the same euphoric ingredients from Cherry Garcia our fans have grown to love." We can't disagree with that.

This is the third installment of what Ben & Jerry's is calling "Flavor Flips" in which they take classic flavors and give them a refreshing makeover. Not gonna lie, we're already looking forward to the next one.

So this weekend, grab a pint of the limited edition Chocolate Cherry Garcia and a bottle of wine and treat yourself.