If there is one thing Joe Biden has made perfectly clear over his glorious eight years in office, it's that he likes ice cream.

I could go on and on about everything I am going to miss about the Obama-Biden presidency, but one thing I'll definitely miss the most will be new pictures of Joe eating his favorite food. Here are the top 11 ice cream photos I'm gonna miss seeing of Joe on the daily.

11. The "Wow Have You Tried This?"

I can only imagine the woman behind the counter freaking out, but also wanting Joe to spoon feed her his favorite flavor.

10. The "I'm Gonna Look the Paparazzi Straight in the Camera Cuz I Want to Hang Up This Picture"

I hope this went straight into a frame and was given to Obama as a birthday present. It would definitely give the Oval Office some spice.

9. The "I Only Went to This Conference for the Free Ice Cream"

He probably finessed his way in because he heard there would be some ice cream.

8. The "Ooooooh Yeah"

Fireworks going off in his brain. Just fireworks.

7. The "Joe, Please Don't Dare Yourself to Fit This Whole Thing in Your Mouth"

I definitely would not be surprised if he managed to eat the whole thing in one bite.

6. The "I Guess I'll Share My Eating Time with You..."

I mean if I had to share my dessert with anyone, I would pick Jimmy Fallon, too.

5. The "You're JUST Trying Dairy Queen for the First Time?!?"

Being a DQ regular, Joe knows he's got a leg up over this inexperienced woman. 

4. The "One for Me and One for the People"

So democratically delicious.

3. The "Is It Possible to Be Equally as in Love with Two Things?"

Yes, yes it is.

2. The "Yes, I Can Go to the Grocery Store"

He's just a regular guy tryna get his ice cream for the week.

1. The Happiest Joe I Have Ever Laid My Eyes On

Even out of the office, my one hope is that life brings this man more free ice cream than he can handle. Here's to you, Joe. We never knew politicians consuming dairy could make us so happy.