Joe Biden has become more than Obama's VP as his memes and old school pictures take over the internet. At the end of the day though, he's a Blue Hen like the rest of us. He kicked back on our very own Main Street at one point, and when he comes to campus, we all go crazy.

It's Joe's pride and dazzling personality that remind us what great things come out of UD, including both people and food. 

Here's what Joe would get on a return to his old stomping grounds.

Dairy Queen: Anything in a Cone

Ice cream is everything to Joe and he has made that pretty clear. While he may not always have time to make it down to our beloved UDairy, DQ will give him his fix. Joe doesn't seem to discriminate flavor wise, but double fisting cones is necessary for a man on the move.

Taverna: Penne and Meatballs 

Pasta is a strong part of Joe's diet. A night on the town would lead to a sit down dinner at Taverna with his favorite carb and his adorable wife by his side. It might even be time for a double date with Barack and Michelle. 

Snap Custom Pizza: Signature Margherita with a twist

Joe's love for Italian food doesn't stop at pasta. Snap Custom Pizza would combine the old with the new, giving Joe a base with an option to add whatever twist he wanted. The grandkids might have fun tagging along on this one. 

Klondike Kate's: Classic Nachos

It's hard to imagine Half Priced Nachos were around in the 1960s, but being VP doesn't mean Joe can't save a couple bucks here and there. Joe could take up a nacho campaign trail, starting with a classic plate here and making his way down to Grain for their dessert nachos

Brew HaHa: Black Coffee & Classic Sandwich 

The 2016 election filled UD with a lot of emotions, including excitement when Biden came to campus on voting day. The different Brew HaHa coffee houses are known for being a meeting place for government officials, but Joe has been known to grab a black coffee and classic sandwich between casual meet-and-greets.