It's safe to say that all over America, jaws were touching the ground on election night. Although you may be itching to find out what the next four years will bring, take a breath, and prepare to be even more shocked (if humanly possible) at these bizarre food combinations. Created by yours truly: America. 

Peanut Butter and Bacon

sweet, bread, toast, pastry, cake, sandwich
Christin Urso

In times like these, the only person, or thing, you can think to turn to is bacon. No one can deny that its delicious saltiness can instantly turn your day around. This combination is not only the perfect snack, but make it into a sandwich, and you have a delicious lunch. A++ America.

Salt in Coffee

coffee, tea, sweet, ice, milk
Asia Coladner

If you're someone who hates weak coffee, this might just be the fix. Don't worry, this won't make your coffee taste bad, because the salt will just amplify the taste. Ready for a mini science lesson? By putting sugar or cream in your coffee, you are dampening the bitterness, and weakening the taste of coffee. Throw in a pinch of salt, and your coffee will be bold in flavor, but not bitter.

Ketchup Mac & Cheese

pasta, macaroni, cheese, spaghetti, sauce, vegetable
Amanda Shulman

Although this might cause you to twist your head in confusion, similar to the results of this election, many swear by this combo. The ketchup is said to resemble a tomato sauce, and by lathering it over your cheesy pasta, you'll essentially be making a cheap marinara dish. 

Milkshake and Fries

No one can deny this sweet and salty combination is perfect to satisfy both cravings. Stop by any fast food joint, and for a low cost you have the perfect snack. If you want to get even more creative, try dunking a chicken nugget in and experience a taste like no other. 

Donut Breakfast Sandwich  

Calling all donut lovers. This bacon, egg, and cheese is far better on your favorite donut than a bagel. It adds a touch of sweetness, and has proven to be the perfect hangover cure. This combination has actually become more and more popular, so don't knock it until you've tried it.

Oreos and Orange Juice

chocolate, candy, sweet, milk, goody, cream, cookie, milk chocolate
Sophie Maschinot

Sounds disgusting right? Well, if you switch out dunking milk for orange juice, there's a big difference. Some might be too scared to try this, but if you're brave enough you won't regret it. The orange juice infuses with the chocolate and leaves a delicious ultra sweet taste in your mouth.  

Ice Cream and Maple Syrup

Louise Ferrall

This feels like Canada in a bowl. Drizzling real maple syrup over some vanilla ice cream will make the texture ultra creamy. Switch out boring old topping like hot fudge and caramel and you will not regret it. 

Coca-Cola and Milk

candy, beer
Aurelie Corinthios

This might be the weirdest one yet, but for many Americans it's a great morning pick-me-up. With the caffeine in the coke and the calcium in the milk, you're essentially drinking a coffee with cream. Who knows, this drink could be part of your wake up routine. 

Beer Float

coffee, milk, espresso, cappuccino, beer
Lauren Thiersch

With so many ways to consume beer, who knew this would be one? Something about putting dairy in places it shouldn't be gives many people an uneasy feeling. The key to making this combo delicious is choosing the right beer to pair the ice cream with. Go with sweeter beers, and you'll never go back to root beer floats, I swear.

Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich

pickle, salt, vinegar, condiment, gherkin, vegetable, jam
Hannah Petersen

This sandwich has a huge fan base. Tons of people swear by it, while others cringe in disgust. Peanut butter can truly be paired with anything and still taste good. With pickles, you get the perfect sweet-sour combination with an added little crunch in your sandwich. Try it, and I promise it is really not too bad.