Delaware pizza gets a bad rep. UD students like myself, often hailing from pizza capitals like NYC and Chicago, struggle to give it any credit. Being the melting pot that it is, out-of-state restaurants like Snap Custom Pizza are taking advantage of our sauce-y dilemma. 

Snap Custom Pizza, formerly Peace A Pizza, appears to be the answer to our grease loving prayers after its custom, personal sized pizza concept opened this fall. I thought it was about time to give it a try. Here's how I customized my first of many pizzas.

How it Works

pizza, pepperoni, mozzarella, pepper
Casey Irwin

Laid in front of me were all of the ingredients I could possibly need on a pizza. They've got the classic sauces, cheeses and toppings but those were no fun alone. Ordering a signature pizza felt like taking the easier route, as delicious as my friend's "Farmers Market" turned out.

I customized my chosen cheese pizza base with all natural chicken and broccoli, which was just the tip of the iceberg as far as creativity and options go. Still punching myself over not noticing the roasted garlic oil option under finishing touches. 

The only thing left to do next was pay and anxiously wait for my pizza to make its way through the oven. 

How it Tastes

Casey Irwin

These pizzas are both made and consumed in a snap. In theory, the pizza I created was one of my dreams. I scarfed down my whole pizza without a single regret as I also got a hefty serving of protein and vegetables. 

The bite size ingredients left me without any concerns for making a mess, with the quickly cut and quirky pieces allowing me to choose if I ate the tiny or huge pieces first. The man leaving before me had the right idea as he held five boxes in his arms.  

arugula, tomato, salad
Casey Irwin

Something about the crunchy crust and mix of my favorite ingredients made it the exact pizza I was looking for, even if it wasn't my favorite deep dish style or a NYC slice. I'll be customizing many different Snap pizzas, but, I can count on the same genuine experience every time.