Taco Tuesday. Tequila Tuesday. 1/2 Price Nachos at Klondike Kate’s on Tuesday. UD students always have options when going up on a Tuesday, but nachos are a right of passage any day of the week. Everyone tries them for the first time at one point, and it goes a little something like this:

1. I’m probably the last person on this campus to try these nachos.

2. What’s all the hype about?

3. I should be prepared to transfer if I don’t love them.

4. Which one do I order?

5. A large appetizer can’t be that big.

6. Sorry, we’re gonna need a lot more time to figure this out.

7. A trashcan has never sounded so appealing.


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8. Fries are on everything nowadays, and I’m completely okay with that.

9. Same goes for barbecue sauce.

10. I wouldn’t have ended up ordering three plates if I knew it was going to feel like forever until they came.

11. How dare the waitress come out of the kitchen with a plate of nachos that isn’t mine.

12. The waitress regains more of my trust with every step she takes towards me.

13. They’re here. Finally. 

14. Oh f*ck.

15. I need to capture this monumental moment.


Photo By Casey Irwin

16. Okay, we can dig in.

17. How am I supposed to eat them?

18. Shoving it all in my mouth was a great decision.

19. They are everything I expected them to be and more.

20. Glad i’m not on a date right now.

21. There are more toppings than chips.


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22. Where is all of the cheese?

23. Finally hitting the cheese jackpot is better than hitting the real jackpot.

24. The lettuce is healthy, right?

25. If half of the chips are stuck to the one chip I grabbed, I’m still taking them all.


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26. Time to go in with the fork. Multiple forks if need be.

27. People actually order these as just appetizers, not just the full meal?

28. Those burgers do look good though…

29. I would totally buy the nachos full price.

30. Is it Tuesday again yet?

31. Watch me make room for dessert.


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