As we enter President Obama's last few weeks in office, many of us are beginning to reflect on the past eight years. We have been deeply analyzing his policies, his speeches, and of course what really matters – where he likes to eat

To further our country's important discussion of the truly historic events that have taken place over the last eight years, I have decided to take a deep look at where President Obama and his family have eaten in Washington DC.

Blue Duck Tavern

For their 17th wedding anniversary, the President and Michelle Obama dined at Blue Duck Tavern in West End. The restaurant is a popular brunch spot in DC, and is in line with Michelle Obama's goal to promote restaurants that serve fresh and local food.

BLT Steak

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Lauren Lim

A popular spot for the Obamas, especially Michelle, is BLT Steak. Sources report that she used to dine there once every other month, and she even celebrated her 48th birthday there.

Fiola Mare

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Located in scenic Georgetown Waterfront, President Obama celebrated his 55th birthday here this past summer with the whole fam.

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

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The first family is just like us, and sometimes we all just need a Mexican night. Last spring, the Obamas enjoyed a family meal at this DC hotspot

Restaurant Nora

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In 2013, the Obamas hosted a private birthday dinner at this famously organic DC restaurant. And in 2010, Michelle Obama celebrated her birthday here too. Safe to say I know where I'll be having my next birthday. 

Bourbon Steak DC

Another spot on the Obama anniversary celebration tour is Bourbon Steak DC. The couple dined here in 2012 for their 20th wedding anniversary. Want to enjoy similar dishes that the Obamas enjoyed? Try making your own fancy steak dinner.

Thomas Sweet

As most local Georgetownians will know, you can't come to Georgetown without stopping for dessert. Early on in his presidency, Obama stopped into the famous ice cream store for a treat.

Thanks for the past eight years Obama, stay hungry!