Jimmy Fallon debuted his new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, and it’s amazing. Not that we needed another reason to stay in watching TV with a carton of ice cream, but the “Tonight Dough” definitely seals the deal.

The new flavor is a combination of caramel and chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough AND peanut butter cookie dough. Only this gif can accurately sum up my feelings.

jimmy fallon

Courtesy of Tumblr.com

The cherry on top? (Pun totally intended.) According to the Ben & Jerry’s website, proceeds will go to the non-profit SeriousFun Children’s Network.

“And I’m not overhyping, I’m not overselling – we’ve made the best ice cream ever created,” said Fallon. “It’s so insanely good and I’m just happy to be associated with it. And the proceeds go to a great charity.”

Let’s hope this sticks around longer than his previous potato chip and chocolate flavor, “Late Night Snack.” So let’s raise our spoons together and eat as much ice cream as is humanly possible.