You can tell a lot about a person by what they decide to major in, but you can't tell everything. Nutrition, like all majors, comes with its own set of challenges to overcome. Here's a definitive list of a Nutrition major's do's and don'ts.


1. Always eat breakfast

sweet, bread, chocolate, cookie
Katherine Baker

Your mom was right when she told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a breakfast with protein and some healthy fat helps regulate your hunger through your first few classes and some carbs in the morning give your brain the kick start it needs. 

Eating breakfast everyday doesn't have to be hard; Greek yogurt or avocado toast are both quick and easy to eat during your walk to class.

2. Drink tons of water

Anasazi Levy

Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. Drinking water all day has so many health benefits and is one of the easiest beauty hacks out there. Being well hydrated helps regulate hunger and cravings as well as keeping your hair and skin healthy.

Put away the contour kit; take advantage of the water filling stations on campus for the ultimate glo-up.

3. Go to class straight from the gym

Think twice before grabbing a seat beside a Nutrition Major in class because we almost always go to class post-workout. Although we regularly rock athleisure, there is nothing leisurely about it.  

By squeezing a workout in between classes, you reach your  fitness goals while keeping up with your busy schedule.

4. Include a healthy fat with every meal

avocado, sweet, nut
Madeleine Stein

Nutrition majors know better than anybody that fat does not make you fat. Actually, it does the opposite. Meals with healthy fats are more satiating; they keep you fuller longer and satisfy your cravings.

Avocados, olive oil, nuts and nut butters are all tasty additions to to add to any meal or snack.

5. Hit the books

Sarah Silbiger

Going into my first nutrition class I expected to see a food pyramid and learn all about how to read a label; I saw all of that in the first 5 minutes. Nutrition is a lot more than fruits and vegetables.

We study biology, chemistry and how to teach other people about health and wellness. Most nutrition majors go on to be Registered Dietitians and some even go on to med school.


1. Don't use sugary chasers

Sammy Mintzer

You should avoid soda and gatorade at all costs because of their high sugar content. Switching to crystal light or some club soda can keep your night out from ruining your whole week of healthy eating.

Nutrition majors party just as hard, but with half the calories.

2. Follow fad diets

Hanna Lundgren

Nutrition majors focus on eating real foods, eating enough and eating well. The Atkins Diet, juice cleanses or the Paleo diet entirely cut out an essential macronutrients or dramatically alter eating patterns.

These might lead to quick weight loss, but they also encourage restrictions and unhealthy habits. Everything is good in moderation and a well rounded diet is even better.

3. Skip Meals

banana, peanut
Lauren Kruchten

Many high school and college aged girls skip meals to skip calories and skip the extra pounds... or so they think. Limiting themselves to only one or two meals a day denies what their bodies need to grow and develop. Nutrition majors eat not three meals a day, but five or six smaller meals every few hours.

Filling up on nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, as well as having a stock of nuts, granola bars and hummus helps limit binges and overeating. 

4. Always eat healthy

mozzarella, pizza, basil, sauce, ricotta, tomato
Dylan Stilin

Nothing is worse than grabbing a slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream and hearing, "Aren't you supposed to eat healthy?". Contrary to common beliefs, nutrition majors and dietitians are people. Part of a healthy attitude about food is not letting being "healthy" interfere with social or cultural norms. 

Although we try our best, we don't eat healthy all the time and there's room for a slice or two in every well-rounded diet.

5. Judge 

salmon, chicken, salad
Nicole Shvayetsky

We don't eat healthy all the time, so we don't expect our friends and family to either. So, don't hesitate to order the burger around us or order a salad because you think we will. There are many things in a dietitian's job description that we are training for, but being judgmental isn't one of them.

Every major comes with a stigma and being a Nutrition major is not without its own set of expectations. Hopefully, some myths have been busted and now you know the down low, before you dig in.