Absolut Vodka is one of the most recognized vodka brands in the world. The next time you are reaching into the cabinet to grab your bottle, or are at the bar getting a Lemon Drop Martini or White Russian, you may want to learn some facts about it.

If you thought you loved this drink already, after knowing these facts, you may grow a new fondness for this vodka brand.

There are 31 different flavors

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Instead of picking up a bottle of original, Citron, or Peppar you may want to check out one of the other numerous flavors that this drink offers. Some of the best flavors are Rasberri, Pears, and Peach. Their website offers endless combinations and different ways to incorporate this vodka into your life.

Andy Warhol loved it

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Andy Warhol wasn’t only known to love and transform Campbell’s soup – he also took a fancy to the Absolut Bottle. He created more than 50 works of art with the bottle and even used the vodka as an aftershave. A limited edition bottle was released in 2014.

The founder is pictured on the seal of the bottle

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The founder, Lars Olson Smith, is featured on the bottle. If you look at the label, he is the bearded face at the top. The next time you are chugging down your Lemon Drop Martini, give thanks to the man who created this amazing product.

The brand is eco-friendly

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That’s right, environment and animal lovers, Absolut takes a big interest in our globe. They give their leftover wheat residue to partnering local farmers to use as animal feed. Also, the carbon dioxide released during production is bottled and sold to beverage companies, and the bottles are made from 40 percent recycled glass.

The bottle design comes from the 18th century

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Absolut has an undeniably strange bottle design. An antique glass apothecary bottle gave shape to the first Absolut bottle in 1979. The bottle takes pride in not having a tall and thin shape like most alcohol bottles. If decorating your apartment with bottles is your thing, you may want to check out their extensive collection of bottles, and most specifically, their current limited edition bottles such as the Electrik.

The U.S. is their biggest market

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Absolut is produced in Sweden, but the U.S. loves it the most. 45 percent of Absolut’s market is the U.S. Every day, 300 individuals work their hardest to keep up with the amount that they need to produce. 500,000 bottles are distilled, blended, bottled, and shipped per day to keep up with the intense demand.

Absolut is transforming old storage containers

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The Absolut company is transforming old storage containers into a hub called Creative Space. Creative Space will be used to come up with ways to reuse Absolut Vodka glass bottles. These innovators are also trying to find sustainable innovations to solve environmental problems the company foresees. A “hackathon” will be held in these containers, and the participants will present their ideas to a jury, which will pick a winning project.