Everyone knows the struggle when the munchies hit and you’re too lazy to make the hike to the dining hall or the refrigerator. Sometimes you just have to “treat yo self” and splurge on something other than leftovers or dining hall mystery meat.

The online transportation network, Uber, released their version of online meal ordering and delivery, partnering with local restaurants and drivers in dozens of cities around the world. UberEATS is the perfect app for the hungry, impatient monster inside all of us, and we all seem to go through the same stages every time we order.

Stage 1 : Deciding to Order (And What to Order)

So. Many. Options. As you start to get hungry, everything from every menu looks amazing. Do I order tacos? Or a pizza? Should I be healthy and get a salad? Should I even order from UberEATS? Too many decisions... 

Stage 2 : Placing Your Order

You’ve finally committed and confirmed your order, so if nothing messes up, you’ll have a meal delivered right to your door within the hour! Its time to celebrate, wait, and anticipate

Stage 3 : Is it here yet? 

It’s been 5 minutes, why is it not here yet? There’s no worse feeling than the unbearable waiting for food when you’re hungry, and its even worse when you can track the progress along the way. Can’t they just cook a little faster? How long does it take to throw together a salad! 

Stage 4 : “Your Food is on the Way.” 

Your food’s so close you can almost taste it! You can see your driver speeding along, and you’re only a few streets away from whatever goodness is inside George’s Toyota Highlander! Your level of hunger has you waiting on the edge of your seat, stalking the little car like a tiger would its prey as it pulls into your campus. 

Stage 5 : Grab and Go

It’s almost like a walk of shame; greeting the delivery man in a worn down sweatpants/sweatshirt combo and whatever shoes were closest to the door. You’re so hungry you practically attack him for your bag of goodies and sprint back up the stairs to your dorm room before he even gets back into his car.

Step 6 : Finally Digging Into Your Order 

It’s finally here, the moment you had waited 20-45 minutes for: finally being able to dig into whatever’s waiting in the big brown UberEATS bag. Be sure to get comfy, turn on your favorite show, and enjoy! 

UberEATS has become a blessing for the lazy foodie in all of us. So every once in a while, skip the dining hall or long trip to the refrigerator and treat yourself to a night in with UberEATS.