With the semester winding down, everyone is more than feeling their fair share of stress. When I'm stressed, I eat and there's nothing better than brunch. Introducing my personal favorite brunch places in Providence—perfect for either eating your stress or a farewell meal courteous of mom and dad after finals! Here are the five best brunchin' places in the heart of little Rhody!

1. Julian's

(located on 318 Broadway in downtown Providence, 9 am - 4 pm on weekdays, 8 am - 2 pm on weekends)

Julian's has always held a special place in my heart—mostly because I'm a sucker for bacon and Julian's has probably the best bacon in Providence. If you're in the mood for a relaxed brunch where your waiter isn't too peppy (I know I'm never ready for an upbeat waiter on a Sunday morning), Julian's should be your go-to.

What to order: Monster French Toast, which is available for your vegan friends as well! Colossal sized, you might not be able to finish it but you will want to die trying.

Their Pachamama Vegan French Toast, which is simply huge slices of French Toast with cranberry-apple compote and coconut cream, might be my personal favorite.

#SpoonTip: try going earlier in the morning or avoid going on Sunday's! There's a church nearby so the post-church wait is intense. You'll probably spend roughly $10-$15 per person.

2. The Duck and Bunny

(located on 312 Wickenden Street on the East Side of Providence, 10 am - 11:15 pm Tuesday - Sunday)

Self-proclaimed snuggery, the Duck and Bunny is known as "a cozy and comfortable place." Incredibly aesthetically pleasing, I always go to the Duck and Bunny when I'm looking for a little more than my casual brunch.

What to get: If you have a sweet tooth, try ordering the Sweet Baby James. It's a crepe filled with strawberry & Sweet Vanilla Mascarpone Blintz. The snuggery claims it's: "old world style, new world taste"

#SpoonTip: the wait is unavoidable but so, so worth it.

3. Brickway on Wickenden 

(located on 234 Wickenden Street on the East Side of Providence, 7 am - 3pm on weekdays, 8 am - 3 pm on weekends)

There is no other place that embodies the east side better. It's casual and relaxed, filled with bright artwork and probably the fastest brunch experience.

What to get: Although you really can't go wrong, a fan favorite is the Narragansett omelet. Filled with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato and crumbly bleu cheese, you won't be disappointed. Skip the coffee and get their hot chocolate.

4. Nick's On Broadway

(located on 500 Broadway in downtown Providence, they're opened 8 am - 3 pm Wednesday - Sunday)

Nick's on Broadway is a must. The ingredients are fresh so they are subject to change the menu daily. Although it's sad when you can't get your favorite, they do support local suppliers—woohoo!

What to get: This is a no brainer: bacon and eggs benedict. Pictures are worth more than words so just see the image above as validation.

5. Seaplane Dinner

(located at 307 Allens Ave in Providence, they're open 5 am - 3 pm daily)

Seaplane Dinner is the best local dinner around. Technically the oldest diner in Providence, Seaplane serves your favorite diner classics.

What to get: Cookies and creme pancakes. Although this is considered a "special," it's been consistently on the special board for the last year. Make sure you order it with extra whipped cream.