A tortilla is a staple for every taco. It’s the fries to every burger, the lime to every tequila, and the cheese to every pizza. Tortillas hold all the fillings and makes tacos one of the most convenient meals out there. But what if you were to switch up the traditional flour or corn tortilla and use something more innovative? Make it sweet, make it vegan, make it gluten-free, make it healthy. All you have to do is follow your heart and try a new shell. 

1. Seaweed

chocolate, cake
Becky Hughes

There’s a reason why Japan, which has one of the lowest obesity rates, is obsessed with seaweed. Seaweed is a great alternatives for almost anything wrap-related. It also contains tons of nutrients like vitamin A and C, as well as iron and iodine.

2. Lettuce

rice, salad
Alex Frank

Already known-well as a great alternative for many kinds of wraps, it’s no secret lettuce can easily replace tortillas. Lettuce, like seaweed, adds a nice crunch to tacos. It is also incredibly low in calories

3. Chocolate Shells

candy, chocolate, sweet, sweetmeat, goody, sprinkles, cake
Arden Sarner

The chocolate shell has been upgraded to a great taco shell. To all those who've ever wanted sweet tacos, try using a chocolate shell on your next Taco Tuesday adventure or simply try it as a dessert taco. Toss in some ice cream and cookie crumbles as the filling and you're golden.

4. Pita bread

Street food, Pita, falafel, Mediterranean
Caroline Ingalls

While it’s often made for sandwich purposes or as a great snack, pita is the fluffier alternative to the tortilla. Because of its closer resemblance to normal bread, it’ll just make your taco extra filling. 

5. Cauliflower pizza crust

popcorn, cauliflower, kettle corn, sweet, goody
Kristine Mahan

If you’ve got some leftover cauliflower pizza crust, you should definitely try using it as a taco shell. It's a great low-carb and gluten-free option.

6. Eggs

egg yolk, egg, fried egg, bread, milk, cream, dairy product, coffee, butter
Helena Lin

Need more egg-cellent alternatives? Try tamagoyaki, sunny side up, over easy, or an omelette as a shell. There are lots of options, so take your pick. This is great for those looking for more protein-packed substitutes.

7. Chicken

chicken, pork, barbecue, meat
Christin Urso

I mean, if Taco Bell can do it, so can you. Forget chicken nuggets and make fried chicken taco shells. This invention is one that I’m most excited for.

8. Granola shells

cereal, granola, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, sweet
Maia Vernacchia

It took me awhile to decide what would make the perfect breakfast taco and then I thought, granola. Try molding your granola into a bowl-like shape or the usual tortillas shape instead of into a bar, and fill it up with your favorite fillings

9. Pancakes

Carleigh Reynolds

Need more options for a breakfast taco? Look no further. Grab those pancakes, drizzle a little maple syrup, get minced meat or bacon bits and call it done. Try it with a fried chicken filling for a chicken and waffle-esque flavor. 

10. Tosai/Dosa

vegetable, corn
Ricki Slater

Tosai is so good and not many people know about it. It's better known as an Indian pancake, but looks like a crepe. One thing for sure is that it’s worth a try as a taco shell.

11. Cheese

cheddar, milk, dairy product, dairy, cheese, slices
Caroline Ingalls

If you’re obsessed with pouring cheese all over your tacos, this tip is for you. Get any sliced cheese (one that's generally on the softer side so it will bend) and fill it with fillings. Complete your taco by sprinkling more cheese on top. 

12. Potato skins

spuds, tuber, carbohydrate, potato, pasture, vegetable
Caroline Ingalls

Turn your potatoes into taco shells; like potato skins, but better.

Scoop out the potato in the center for mashed potatoes or another dish, then mix your leftover skin and potato bits and bake it. Once you’re done, dump your toppings on top.

13. Spinach Taco Shells

spinach, vegetable, salad, lettuce, basil, relish, herb
Kristine Mahan

Looking for more great low-carb taco shells? Did you know spinach taco shells exist? You do now. Check out this recipe for how to make low-carb spinach taco shells

14. Papadum


SanFranAnnie on Flickr

If you’re looking for more fusion options, get some papadum as an alternative to hard taco shells. It’s slightly more fragile, but it’ll still give you the same crunch as eating a taco with a hard shell. 

15. Roti/Paratha

Add some South and Southeast Asian flair to your usual tacos. Roti or paratha (depending on what area you're from) add a different texture to your tacos. Instead of the thin bread you’re used to with tortillas, roti/paratha are a little thick, but they'll hold up well with good fillings as all good tacos do.

16. Pizza

pizza, brick oven, peaches
Emma Salters

Pizza and tacos—name a more iconic duo. I'll wait. Kidding! But what I’m not kidding about is using a pizza slice as a taco shell. It will absolutely take your taco game to a new level. Instead of guacamole, imagine red sauce mixed with some awesome ground beef, mixed with all the spices. 

Call these options crazy? No way. Eating the same type of tacos can get rather boring and bland, so switch it up. Your tacos (and your tastebuds) deserve better.