Here in college, we take food seriously. Food is what brings friends and strangers together, an enjoyable break from schoolwork, and a way to pass the time. Besides, who doesn’t love food? Among all foods, cheese is one of the most versatile. Since there are so many varieties of cheese and endless ways to eat it, you can never go wrong. Here are some varieties you must include in your college cheese-eating experience.



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Cheddar is a fan favorite, which is why there are about thirty different kinds in every supermarket. It can be eaten by itself, with appetizers, cooked into pasta or any way you wish. Cheddars range from white to yellow to almost orange, and sharpness varies as well. For those on a budget, Cabot and Cracker Barrel make affordable, high-quality cheeses. For those who are willing to splurge on fancier Cheddar, supermarkets always carry local brands that most likely have been aged longer than the big name brands have. Looking to add more cheddar to your life? Try this recipe for cheddar in muffin form!



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Here at Hamilton, we eagerly wait in half hour lines for the esteemed Opus I mango brie panini. But if we’re that eager for our weekly dose of Brie, why don’t we just eat it anytime? Brie is a French cheese known for its soft, almost melty texture. It’s white with a grey-ish rind and you’ve probably had it before with fruit or on crackers. Baking it into recipes and slicing it for sandwiches are other popular ways to eat Brie. At the supermarket, you might find the brand Président, a popular choice among cheese-lovers. Check out this recipe for Puff Pastry Wrapped Brie, it’s unbrie-lievable (sorry).



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Whenever I hear “gouda,” I think of the scene from “She’s the Man” when Amanda Bynes tells Channing Tatum her favorite cheese is Gouda. Many cheese connoisseurs would agree and call Gouda their cheese of choice, and more specifically, Smoked Gouda. Gouda is a rich cheese, originating from the Netherlands. It is golden yellow with a light brown rind, and has a distinctive smoky taste and smell. It goes great with a bottle of wine, so consider choosing Gouda for your next wine and cheese night! Popular brands include Royal Hollandia and Holland’s Family Farm.



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This one’s my personal favorite. Muenster is a smooth, soft cheese that’s good with crackers and great in sandwiches. Normally, I eat it with apple slices or just by itself. It is a yellow cheese often found with an orange and yellow rind that makes it look nice on cheese platters. Some claim that Muenster is too bland, but that just makes it more versatile in cooking because it adds texture without overwhelmingly altering taste. In addition, because it doesn’t have too distinct of a taste, any supermarket variety of Muenster will do.

Something to try: Cabot White Oak Cheddar
This is a special item from Cabot’s premium line. It is a sharp Cheddar with a faintly buttery taste and an oaky flavor. It may not be around for much longer, so try it while you can!

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