Most of the human race is #teampotato since they are the most superb produce in the grocery store. The only possible division is those that consider themselves to be #teampotatoskin. But is this produce really healthy for us, or should we switch on over to #teamkale or some other trendy veggie.  Some people love eating the skin whether when finishing a baked potato or eating potato boats on game day. Others do not like the taste at all. However, we have the low down to answer "Are potato skins healthy?"

The Science

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Caroline Ingalls

Sylvie Tremblay, a journalist for SFGate who has specialized in nutrition and health, explains in her article about the health benefits of potato skins. When cooked in a healthy way, potato skins contribute to our vegetable intake and provide us with potassium, iron, and niacin.

Potassium and niacin both aid your body in helping cells function and communicate with one another. Potassium boosts your nervous system's cells and niacin helps your body through physical stress. Iron boosts your red blood cell functions, and iron intake is VERY important for women and anyone with anemia.

How to Eat 'Em

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Emily Hu

As mentioned earlier, potato skins really pack a punch when they are made in the correct way. This means that if your favorite type of potato skin is fried and loaded with cheese and bacon (like... same) that probably won't cut it. Those types of potato skins are great for the soul, but not for the body.

A better way to eat them in order to get the health benefits, is to make a baked potato and just eat it with a little bit of butter, salt and pepper, and very light simple toppings. The goal is to keep the toppings simple and healthy.

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Haley Abram

Are potato skins healthy? Very! You just got to be sure that you are eating them in a healthy way, and yes under all that avo is a potato... yum. Game day food is great, but it won't solve the sluggish feeling you get when Aunt Flow is in town or when you are trying to fit in your vitamins and mineral. To check out healthy potato recipes to try out eating the skin, check here.