As a self-proclaimed expert on Atlanta's food scene, Bully Boy has been at the top of my must-try list and has recently generated all the buzz. Prided on its authentic dining experience, high-quality locally sourced ingredients, and relaxing atmosphere, Bully Boy is undoubtedly heating up the BeltLine.

Serving a creative Japanese concept-style menu from shareable plates, delicious entrees, and numerous vegan options, Bully Boy is truly for everyone and will wow even the pickiest eater. I recently visited the restaurant and am here to break down the experience with everything you need to know: a perfect pre-reservation read. 


Bully Boy is a crossover between a zen garden and a restaurant. Lined with greenery, huge windows, and an open-concept style kitchen, the space is inviting and fit for a relaxing dining experience. A former metal shop converted restaurant, the industrial vibe is sleek, modern, and cozy. Only steps from the BeltLine and next-door neighbors to sister restaurant Two Urban Licks, the location couldn’t be more ideal.

The menu is expansive and divided into 20-30 offerings ranging from small plates to larger entrees, oysters, and an extensive sushi menu featuring specialty rolls, poke, crispy rice, and sashimi. You are encouraged to share at Bully Boy, creating a communal and engaging dining experience. Think tapas which is all the rage in Atlanta's food scene, with a twist.

Shareable Plates

We started strong with three small plates, each one better than the last.

First, the beef gyoza, topped with edamame and bell peppers. These dumplings are certainly more flavorful than your average. Both sweet and spicy, the beef filling paired perfectly with the chili soy sesame sauce. My verdict: skip the edamame plate, and get a small taste of it on top of these gyoza, a best-of-both-worlds deal.

Melanie Dash

Next, we tried the duck spring rolls. Although I’m not a huge fan of duck, I was intrigued and couldn’t help but wonder what these tasted like. And I was right…if you’re like me and going to try duck, let it be at Bully Boy. A spruced-up version of your typical spring roll, this dish is one to write home about. The crisp exterior had the perfect crunch, and each bite was filled with a generous portion of duck. Lastly, it came with a sweet chili sauce that reminded me of an elevated duck sauce you usually get from the packet but with a spicy kick. 

Melanie Dash

The last appetizer and highlight of the entire meal were the crispy brussels sprouts. Deserving of an A+, these were some of the best brussels I’ve ever had. Crisped and coated in a sweet chili glaze, these brussels were flavorful and delicious. We especially enjoyed the tempura nibs on top, adding texture and crunch you rarely get with brussels sprouts. Needless to say, we finished the entire plate.

Melanie Dash


Known for their local coastal seafood and farm fresh produce, you can’t skip out on Bully Boy’s sushi. There are many options, but we settled on the crispy tempura rice and the King Kong roll.

One thing about me: if there’s crispy rice on the menu, I will order it. I’ve tried this dish from over twenty restaurants at this point, so I know what makes it fabulous and when it’s a flop. It must have the perfect crisp, the ideal ratio of rice to fish, and a sweet sauce to balance the spice. Bully Boy’s version met all of my criteria. This is a crispy rice I’d definitely go back for!

Melanie Dash

Next, the King Kong. This roll was massive and stuffed with my favorite things: salmon, yellow tail, and spicy tuna. Bully Boy certainly doesn’t skimp on their ingredients and presentation; if the fish wasn’t enough, a thick layer of avocado sits on top of the roll. Drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce, this roll is a burst of flavor and exceeded my expectations.

Melanie Dash

Large Plate

At this point, we were already stuffed but had to go for the New York Strip Steak. Although pricey at $52, it’s a splurge well worth it. The dish is hearty and shareable if you’ve already had some smaller plates to fill you up.

The steak arrived in a skillet-style presentation. Crispy on the outside, the steak literally melts in your mouth. In addition, it came with a heaping pile of broccoli and rice, which took on the flavor of the soy maitake sauce. Creamy and flavorful, this is a must-order if you’re willing to indulge.

Melanie Dash

I could go on and on about Bully Boy; it delivers on food and vibe. Overall, it's a premium experience any foodie will appreciate. A cozy tucked away spot near the BeltLine, this restaurant certainly won me over, and I will be returning. Bully Boy is a must-visit if you're interested in all Atlanta's food scene has to snag a reservation while you can.