Atlanta is known for its vibrant food scene, so it’s no surprise that my parents - two of the biggest foodies I know - were so excited to try Atlanta staples when they came to visit this past parents’ weekend. When it came time to make reservations, TWO Urban Licks was at the top of my list... and it did not disappoint.

Conveniently located on the Beltline, TWO Urban Licks is a one-of-a-kind restaurant. Since opening in 2004, the restaurant has held the coveted title as one of the city’s best and busiest restaurants. Recognized by Conde Nast, Bon Appetit, and nominated for “best restaurant scene” for multiple years in a row, this restaurant is not one to miss on your next trip to Atlanta.


As soon as you walk into TWO Urban Licks, your mouth will begin to water as you take in the aroma coming from the kitchen located right in the center of the restaurant. Besides the eye-catching menu, the ambiance explains why TWO Urban Licks is so loved; the tall warehouse ceilings, dark aesthetic, and skyline view makes the restaurant a perfect Instagrammable spot for a nice dinner with friends, a romantic date, or to totally impress your parents. The cozy atmosphere is an ideal setting to indulge in American-inspired comfort food, whether you're enjoying dinner or a decadent weekend brunch. If the weather is on your side, be sure to ask the hostess for a table outside as you dine with a relaxing view of the Beltline and take advantage of the lighting to capture your meal and making all your followers jealous.


TWO urban licks hits Sunday brunch out of the park. I recommend starting with their salmon chips. The smoked salmon is surprisingly light and compliments the salty chip it sits on.

If you’re a meat lover, the confit turkey wings will satisfy your craving as the meat pulls apart from the crispy skin, and it's crazy delicious.

Melanie Dash

Lastly, you can’t skip out on the biscuits and gravy to close out the appetizer round. Fair warning, you will have to unbutton your pants after indulging in this southern staple that will leave you stuffed but wanting to dig your fork back in for more. The biscuits are so flavorful, practically swimming in sausage gravy, and baked to perfection with a golden brown crispy edge; they were my favorite menu item by far!

Melanie Dash

The Main Course

If you’re craving a classic brunch vibe for the main course, you can’t go wrong with the “TWO breakfast,” consisting of two eggs, any style, bacon, and breakfast potatoes. The scrambled eggs are soft and bursting with flavor, which pairs well with the subtle spice of the breakfast potatoes.

Melanie Dash

For a lighter option, the frittata is fantastic, topped with chimichurri, and accompanied with a side salad. The burger at TWO urban licks is also a must-have and is uniquely prepared using their in-house ground beef. The pimento cheese adds a southern flare, and the jalapeno jam adds a kick that elevates this burger to the next level. 

Although the menu is a little pricey, I found their portions to be huge, so not to worry, you will get bang for your buck. Trust me: you will leave the restaurant with a full stomach and ready to come back for round two as soon as you recover from your food coma.