While brunch is absolutely cross-seasonal, as the weather gets warmer the appeal of brunch directly rises.  Nothing cures the Sunday scaries quite like sitting outside in the sunlight eating the best meal of the day, however, deciding from Atlanta's various premier brunch locations can sometimes prove challenging, creating quite the hangry group energy.  To minimize the debate, here are some aesthetically pleasing outdoor seating options sure to satisfy all types of eaters.   

1. Sun in My Belly

chicken, lobster, shrimp
Julia Kaplowitz

Although the brunch menu may not seem all that extensive don't let looks fool you: from pimento cheese omelets to challah french toast and even a savory french toast featuring parmesan cheese and a sunny side up egg,  there's something perfect for every craving.  The inside is whimsically homey, and the outside is just as cute, with string lights and red benches. 

2. West Egg Café

Rebecca Rosen

West Egg Café has mastered latte art and brunch food in general.  While the outside may not be as aesthetically pleasing in its sleekness as the inside, there is plenty of seating and the big draw is what to do while you're waiting in the long line: shop.  Situated in West Midtown in an enclave filled with stores that include a flower shop, Lululemon, and Free People, and a cool looking furniture shop, there's enough browsing potential to starve off the hunger during the wait, ultimately getting you more riled up for the incredible meal ahead. 

3. Bread & Butterfly

french toast, pancake, syrup, toast, butter
Brooke Koeppel

Aside from it's massive picture perfect pancakes, brioche toast, and almond croissants, Bread & Butterfly is a must if you want a little escape.  Decorated the a European café, the enclosed patio is complete with vibrant green tiles, floor to ceiling opening windows, hanging plants, and pretty marble tables.  The complete outdoor patio features cheery yellow seats, and is an equally nice place to lounge around. 

4. Ria's Bluebird

One of the more southern options on the list, Ria's Bluebird is an eclectic location whose inside and outside both feature their fair share of cool murals and a generally hippy ambiance.  The decor is definitely quirky, which matches the interesting food options, such as country friend tempeh and a 14 hour slow-roasted brisket breakfast.  If you're thinking of being less adventurous, the New York times deemed Ria's to have "the world's best pancakes".

5. South City Kitchen Buckhead

While South City Kitchen has three locations, the Buckhead one is the place to go.  With upper and lower level patio seating and overall contemporary decor, you're sure to snap a perfect picture.  Their chicken and waffles even look gourmet, sectioned off into pieces to ensure the perfect bite each time.  They also have a gluten-free brunch menu, pleasing all kinds of brunch enthusiasts.   

6. General Muir 

seafood, vegetable, salmon, canape, cheese, sandwich, fish, tomato, toast, bread
Ally Golden

I would be remiss to not mention the General Muir, a Emory favorite, and for good reason.  With its close proximity to campus and the amazing bagels (corroborated by the New York Times), The General is a year-round good idea.  However, their outdoor seating is not to be overlooked.  The main patio exudes the same glossy Sunday brunch vibes as the interior, especially on a beautiful day.  

Here's to soaking up the Atlanta sunshine before the heat becomes unbearable and happy brunching!