When I came to college in Atlanta last year, one of the most surprising findings was my newfound love for tapas. After trying many different restaurants, I narrowed things down to my two favorites: Buena Vida Tapas and Sol and Iberian Pig. But which place is the ultimate tapas restaurant of Atlanta? Here I will break down the elements to compare and contrast Buena Vida and Iberian Pig to find out which tapas takes the top spot.

Atmosphere: Buena Vida

When it comes to atmosphere, Buena Vida is the clear winner. Immediately when you walk in, there is a fun, cool vibe. Every time I have gone, I've sat outside on the patio, which is super lively. Also, when you walk in there is an adorable LED sign and flower wall - great for photos! It's super bright inside the restaurant, and an active and spirited environment. It is also right off the Beltline so you can go walk around there after your meal.

Cheeseboard: Iberian Pig

Although I love the charcuterie board from both places, Iberian Pig wins this category. They have an amazing assortment of cheeses and meats, and the waiters are super knowledgeable about helping you make the right selections. They also have an amazing gluten-free flatbread, which makes their cheeseboard one of my favorites. The jams and side assortments that come on the board are all delicious, and you cannot go wrong with any of the choices.  

Entrées: Buena Vida

I absolutely enjoy the entrées at both places, but I'm going to have to give this one to Buena Vida. Although I'm not vegan, the vegan meatballs here are absolutely amazing. The brussel sprouts are super tasty, and so are the patatas bravas. While I am giving this category to Buena Vida, I do have to give a special shout out to the black truffle flatbread at Iberian Pig. I recommend going with some friends and ordering a bunch of tapas so that you can try a little bit of everything. 

Dessert: Iberian Pig

The dessert category hands down goes to Iberian Pig. They offer churros, cheesecake empanadas, tres leches, flourless chocolate cake, and gelato. I have only tried the gelato but it was AMAZING, and I have heard great things about the the churros and empanadas. Hands down, the gelato here is potentially the best I have tried so far in Atlanta. 


So which restaurant is the best? Overall, both restaurants are amazing. I really could not pick one over the other because they both offer delicious food. Both places are a super fun time to go with friends and enjoy good food. You really cannot go wrong with either restaurant!