Born and raised in New England, I am very confident in my ability to distinguish the best seafood restaurants in Marblehead, MA. I am very lucky that I live on the north shore, so my favorite seafood restaurants are very local (some even just down the street!). I believe that these are some of the best seafood restaurants in America, and I think that I have a lot of people who would stand behind me on this claim.

Barnacle Restaurant

First, a classic, the Barnacle Restaurant sits right on the water and provides a truly breathtaking view as well as the most delicious seafood you will ever eat. Although I could confidently and accurately praise the entire menu, I have a couple favorites.

My usual order consists of fried shrimp with a side of onion rings. Although this sounds simple, you cannot get this dish better anywhere else! Sometimes I switch it up though and get fried scallops instead, which is another one of my all time favorite seafood dishes. The chefs fry everything to perfection and use the best ingredients that the ocean has to offer.

They also serve an amazing lobster roll and crab cake that are both extremely fresh and traditional. Lastly, although I do not like oysters, my dad and everyone else seems to love the ones that are served here.

The Landing

shrimp, lobster, crab, lemon
Gianna Palma

Moving along, situated just down the street, The Landing offers the most delicious smoked salmon that I have ever had, as well as out of this world jumbo shrimp served with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce. When it's not below 30 degrees, you can get a table on the deck which overlooks all of Marblehead Harbor.

Eastern Yacht Club

Christin Urso

If you want to try the best lobster roll that New England has to offer, head over to the Eastern Yacht Club. Not only is the lobster used to make the sandwich amazing, but the brioche bun that holds it all together is out of this world.

The Eastern Yacht Club boasts an extraordinary view of the harbor provided by the yacht club's prime location.

Legal Sea Foods

A popular chain that I believe deserves applause that is actually a bit of a trip outside of Marblehead is Legal Sea Foods. Just about every seafood dish imaginable is offered on their vast menu, and 10/10 times you will devour an extraordinary meal. In my opinion, the best Legal Sea Foods location is in Boston, also built right on the water.

All of these restaurants have a unique character that add to the experience and really make each visit special. Nonetheless, these restaurants also offer amazingly delicious and tasty dishes—some of the best in Marblehead.