Whether it's winter or summer, I love ice cream. Being dairy-free and growing up in Los Angeles, I have tried many dairy-free and vegan ice creams, but today I bring you my top 11. Now you can enjoy a sweet treat without the dairy, no matter the season (because it's pretty much always summer in LA). Here are the best places to get vegan ice cream in Los Angeles.

Van Leeuwen

The Van Leeuwen ice cream truck often parks on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, and I am ecstatic to finally enjoy vegan ice cream from an ice cream truck.

Van Leeuwen also has storefront locations scattered throughout Los Angeles, and I particularly love their Arts District location because it's in such a vibey area where you can take pretty pictures of your ice cream or with your friends in front of the many nearby murals. 


Have you ever seen such a beautiful ice cream as this rose-shaped one from Amorino? It's almost too pretty to eat...almost. I love the Beverly Hills location on Rodeo Drive because you can enjoy your ice cream while strolling through such a famous part of LA. Dress up and wear heels to get your ice cream at Amorino like I did in the photo above.

Le Cafe de la Plage

Le Cafe de la Plage is owned in Malibu by the sweetest husband and wife duo who make all the ice cream by hand together and emphasize organic ingredients. Order the vegan chocolate ice cream and you will have no idea there is no dairy since it is so fudgy. Pair this with an almond milk latte, then head right over to the beach. It's the perfect way to spend the day. 


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Kristine Mahan

Grom is such a great, authentic Italian ice cream cafe. I love the Malibu location since it's so close to the beach. They offer organic sorbets that are delicious and vegan-friendly. Apricot is one of my favorite flavors. 

Pressed Juicery 

Pressed Juicery sells "freezes" that are soft serves made entirely of nuts, dates, and fruit! Since they're made with real, whole foods, I can eat a freeze as my meal, right? Right.

#SpoonTip: Order the chocolate and vanilla swirl and get the best of both worlds


Kendal Koorenny

Kippy's is revolutionizing ice cream. The entire store is organic and dairy-free because every ice cream flavor is made from raw coconut cream, and although some flavors are sweetened with raw honey, there is still a plethora of vegan options. My favorite topping is the raw cacao sauce. Just trust me on that one. 

Magpie's Soft Serve 

Kendal Koorenny

Magpie's Soft Serve has delectable vegan options, all of which are made by hand at the shop, including my favorites: the eggnog flavor during the holiday season or the vanilla bean option for everyday. They frequently release new exotic vegan flavors, so there is always a reason to go back and try all the flavors! 

#SpoonTip: Visit the Silver Lake location to take a picture of your soft serve in front of this cool graffiti mural! 


Rawberri is home to the CocoWhip, a brilliant creation made simply of probiotics and coconut water. This two-ingredient soft serve makes for a perfect meal or dessert because it's filling, sweet and healthy. The only other place to find CocoWhip is in Australia besides Rawberri in LA, making Rawberri even more special, as if it wasn't already. 


Crossroads is an all-vegan restaurant on Melrose Avenue, and I truly recommend their vegan ice cream sundae covered with chocolate fudge. Plus, it can be made gluten-free. I love to stop by Crossroads for an incredible ice cream sundae, then visit the famous pink wall nearby for a cute Instagram photo.

Frozen Fruit Co. 

Frozen Fruit Co. does soft serve right. It's plant-based, made with fruit and contains no added sugar. I really enjoy the chocolate flavor made with coconut meat, cacao and dates as well as the pineapple & passionfruit flavor. I ate the whole bowl–even the edible flower on top. 

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw's classic roasted strawberry coconut flavor is vegan and can be found at all Salt & Straw locations, but there are also regional and monthly specials that you wouldn't believe are vegan. I love to visit the shop on Abbot Kinney Boulevard and then lick my ice cream as I stroll along this fun street. 

There you have it: eleven vegan-friendly ice cream spots in Los Angeles that will make you feel like you never need regular ice cream again. Bon Appetit!