We all know that Los Angeles's food game is strong. Because it's one of the largest cities in the US, there's a wide variety of eateries to choose from, including some of the best vegan food. With everyone in Hollywood, from Liam Hemsworth to Beyoncè living the vegan-life, it makes sense there are so many options. However, I've narrowed it down to 10 of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles every plant-eater or foodie adventurer needs to try. 

Little Pine Restaurant

Located in "the hippest neighborhood of Los Angeles," Little Pine Restaurant offers both photogenic and ethical eats. The restaurant's aesthetic is very modern and clean-cut, and the menu matches this philosophy. Restaurant owner and music producer Moby has created a menu full of comfort food like "sausage" sliders and ravioli with a vegan twist. Oh, and did I mention that all the profits go to animal rights organizations?


Originally from New York, By CHLOE is a trendy, chic, and vibrant joint that serves fast food items, all sustainably sourced and reasonably priced. By CHLOE has everything you could possibly want: kale salads, avocado toast, and even peanut butter ice cream. Stop by the Silverlake location after going on a hike to the Griffith Observatory or strolling through Sunset Junction.

Café Gratitude

Café Gratitude is a small California chain dedicated to spreading a message of simplicity and appreciation for good food, good health, and good company. The restaurant is known for spreading positive messages to its customers as well as its wholesome cuisine, like its macrobiotic bowls and kelp noodles. With six locations across SoCal, the traveller in you can rest assured that you can find a dependable vegan restaurant wherever you go.

Stuff I Eat

With a motto of "waste not, want not," Stuff I Eat promises to provide both eco-friendly and satisfying meals that appeal to all taste buds. The menu is eclectic. True to its name, Stuff I Eat features soul food, stir-fries, burritos, and everything in between.

Perhaps what's most awe-inspiring about this popular destination is its backstory. Owner Chef B wanted to provide nutritious food to residents of Inglewood, an area notorious for poverty and crime. If you're looking for a change of pace from the glitz and glamor of Rodeo Drive, stop by here for an authentic LA experience.


"Vegan" and "sushi" seem to be mutually exclusive terms, but not here. At Shojin, a Japanese restaurant with locations in Little Tokyo and Culver City, the dishes are meant not only to please, but to nourish. Inspired by Buddhism, the term "shojin" means "devotion cuisine," so eaters at this restuarant dine in a very mindful manner. With its amazing selection of vegan sushi rolls and nigiri, it's sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Crossroads Kitchen

Mediterranean cuisine is a godsend, blending the rich different cultures and people that compose the region. Make it vegan, and even more people can enjoy it in all its glory. One of the most popular vegan restaurants in LA with no shortage of recognition (its carbonara was named one of the 11 best pasta dishes in LA), Crossroads is renowned for introducing vegan food to Melrose and offering food that you couldn't even guess was vegan.


You can’t go to Los Angeles without getting some In-N-Out. Unfortunately, its vegan selection is limited, but that’s where Burgerlords comes in to save the day. This joint is a plant-based In-N-Out-inspired fast food restaurant. With two locations in Chinatown and Highland Park, you can get your animal fries fix whether you’re downtown or in the ‘burbs.

Organix LA

You haven’t had good Mexican food unless 1) you come from a Mexican household, 2) live in a predominantly Mexican area, or 3) have gotten tacos from a Los Angeles Mexican food truck. Though it might be hard to find a vegan-friendly truck, it’s not hard to go to Organix, which is both a vegan grocery store and restaurant that serves burritos that’ll make you forget about Chipotle.

Horchateria Rio Luna

At this point, all this running around to try out these vegan hotspots must have made you exhausted, so it’s time for a coffee break. Stop by Horchateria in Paramount (near Compton) for their famous horchata iced coffee. It’s a rice milk drink with cinnamon that’s not overly sweet, but just as addicting as your morning cup of joe. To accompany your drink, treat yourself to some vegan churros and conchas, aka the best Mexican pastries.

Donut Friend

How about some dessert? To finish off your food tour, visit Donut Friend, a little storefront in Highland Park. With donuts ranging from classic chocolate and custard donut to a green tea monstrosity, you won't be able to go in without buying one. Or four. You know, for the road.

#SpoonTip: You can also customize your own donut and make your very own creation.

Los Angeles, no matter where I go, nothing will replace your food. And I hope you, too, develop a love for LA and leave with a deeper understanding and fuller stomach for all this city has to give. The next time you're in California, hit up some of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles for some of the best eats you'll ever have.