Is there anything more beautiful than that reddish neon glow of the donut shop sign advertising freshly glazed and fried dough? A newborn baby or perfectly cut diamond perhaps, but that's too far into adulthood. Let's focus on food for now.

If you're lacking in daily drool-worthy moments in your Insta feed, let me help ya out. Of course, you'll need something to munch on as you look at these super fly works of art, so here's how to make fluffy donuts, galaxy donuts, and pumpkin spice donuts because ~fall~. 

These are the necessary nine donut accounts to follow ASAP. 

1. Donut Boyz

This Aussie-based franchise is the brainchild of two bakers who create delectable artisan donuts daily. Follow for major creativity. 

2. Donut Friend

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Their slogan is "Donuts done differently," and are they ever. If you manage to make the trek down to their L.A. store, they do DIY build-your-own donuts. Follow for beautiful berry donuts and happy customer re-postings. 

3. Devil's Dozen Donuts 

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This clever coffee and donut shop delights the senses with wild flavors like blood orange, coconut, and strawberry lemonade. Follow for sinfully delectable experiments. 

4. Glazed and Confused 

A Houston gal tries donuts from her home state in Texas and occasionally from other parts of the great USA. This brave girl is living the dream and sharing her super cool donut shop finds. Follow for Texas-based recommendations and quality photos.  

5. Five Daughters Bakery 

For the more health-conscious of us (as if that's possible with donuts), the adorable family who runs this bakery in Tennessee creates vegan and paleo treats from scratch daily. Follow for heavenly, healthy delights. 

6. The Doughnut Bar 

Meet the inventors of the "doughcone." That's right—the heavenly mashup of ice cream and donuts. It doesn't get more awesome than this. Follow for their Lindt dark chocolate and gelato-stuffed donut. Dreamy. 

7. California Donuts

Donuts that look like pizza? I think yes. Another creative L.A. donut shop where childhood nostalgia runs free where panda, seashell, and cereal-topped desserts make up the menu. Follow for throwback vibes and bright colors.  

8. Donuts 

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"All donuts. All day." That about sums up this amazing account of the best reposts of users' donut 'grams. Follow for mouth-watering pictures of the global take on this dessert.  

9. Doughnut Time 

Heaven has descended on Earth in the form of this shop's signature Nutella-filled donut. Located on the east coast of Australia, this bakery's delights are created with locally-sourced ingredients and are handmade each day. Follow for original  flavors and jelly-stuffed goodness. BRB, booking a flight to the land down under.