Having lived in Australia for a solid two months, I decided to go on a total foodie escapade. I tried all the Australian foods that I could get my hands on, and I do not regret any of it. Not going to lie though: wasn't the biggest fan of Vegemite. I can see how people could like it, but in my opinion, there are tons of other foods worth trying. Some are really out there, but hey, Aussies are some wild people. Here are 20 Australian foods you need to try on your visit to the Land Down Under.

1. Tim Tams

I put this snack first for a reason. Simply speaking, Tim Tams are chocolate-covered biscuit cookies, but in reality, they are so much more than that. They are beautiful. Slightly crunchy, perfectly sweet, and taste amazing with peanut butter. The best part? They come in a variety of flavors. If you don't live in Australia, you can make your own Tim Tams at home.

#SpoonTip: Try a Tim Tam Slam. Cut off diagonal edges of a Tim Tam and use it as a straw for hot chocolate or steamed milk. The hot liquid melts the inner chocolate layer.

2. Meat Pie

Angelica Pan

Meat pies in Australia are as easy to get as a turkey sandwich in America. These things are everywhere – and they are delicious. They have a flaky, buttery crust on the outside, but are filled with flavorful ground meat on the inside. The best place to try them out is Harry's

3. Kangaroo

Brittany Arnett

You may see kangaroos as adorable little hoppy animals, but in actuality, kangaroos outnumber Australians over two times, so they're considered pests in the country. Because of this, people eat kangaroo like regular meat. What does it taste like? Really lean steak. It's actually not that bad.

4. Lamington

Anna Hirschorn

A lamington is a square of sponge cake that is soaked in chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes, which makes you wonder why all sponge cake isn't dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes. It's a decadent dessert that cannot be missed when in the land down under, but you can try making it yourself.

5. Milo

Gabi Rosenthal

A chocolate malt powder that turns into a drink when mixed with water or milk, Milo is essentially a jazzy chocolate milk. It can be served hot or cold, but either way it's essential to get the Milo-to-milk ratio right.

6. Crocodile

There's a reason Steve Irwin was so well known for his famous catch-phrase: "Crikey!" Crocodiles are plentiful in Australia, and naturally, Aussies decided to eat them. In my opinion, it tastes like fatty chicken. Way more into kangaroo, but hey, to each her own.

7. Pavlova

Emily Fischer

Is this a cake or a glorified meringue? Who knows, but with how delicious it is, who really cares. Pavlovas are best enjoyed with fresh fruit or chocolate, and are an Australian dessert staple.

8. Smashed Avo

Brittany Arnett

So no, Australians did not create the avocado, but they did create the avocado toast. Properly called "smashed avo" down under, you can see it in almost every single cafe, food kiosk, or restaurant in Australia. If anyone knows how to make a fantastic avocado toast, it's an Australian.

9. Arnott's Shapes

The same brand that brings us the Tim Tam also brings us the glorified crackers that are Shapes. They come in a variety of flavors, but my favorite is pizza (yes, pizza). 

10. Beetroot Burgers

Leave it up to all the healthy Australians out there to swap a patty of meat with a patty of beet. Beetroot burgers are plentiful down under, and even if you're not vegetarian or vegan, they still taste delicious.

11. Tasmanian Salmon

fish, seafood, salmon
Jocelyn Hsu

Because every main populated area of Australia is surrounded by water, the seafood is incredibly fresh. Particularly salmon, which is found in abundance near Tasmania, the southern-most territory that's an island off the mainland. 

12. Wine

Brittany Arnett

Australia's mild climate makes it the perfect place for gorgeous vineyards all over. I went to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales and tasted my way through dozens of glasses of wine. Each wine region is known for their own types, so make sure to check out what the local specialities are.

13. Cadbury Caramello Koalas

What is more Australian than a koala? A chocolate, caramel-filled koala, duh. 

14. Iced Coffee

I know what you're thinking – iced coffee is a distinctly American thing. But this isn't the same kind of iced coffee. Australians prepare their iced coffee by pouring coffee over two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It's heavenly. It makes me question why we bother putting ice in our coffee.

15. Fairy Bread

Just like the name suggests, fairy bread is magical. It's white bread covered in butter and rainbow sprinkles. What could be better? I think nothing. 

16. Flat White

Brittany Arnett

As an avid coffee lover, I was simply in heaven in Australia – they seriously know how to do coffee there. This includes a flat white, which is similar to a latte, but has a higher proportion of coffee to milk and less foam. I would always get mine with almond or skim milk, but no matter how you order one, it's bound to be great.

17. Weet-Bix

It's the Aussie's version of a healthy breakfast (besides avo smash with poached eggs, of course), and it's basically a biscuit cereal. It's pretty good, and I could totally get behind eating these every morning.

18. Sausage Sanger

Fun fact: hot dogs in Australia are called sausages. Probably because they're made from real beef, but let's just overlook that for now. A sausage sanger is essentially a hot dog in between bread, thrown on the barbie during the hot summer months.

19. Barramundi

Brittany Arnett

Because Australia is, well, surrounded by water, the seafood is unbelievably fresh. This includes barramundi, a flaky white fish that many Aussies have claimed to be their own. It's mild and goes well with pretty much anything, especially butter. Because what doesn't go well with butter?

20. Cinnamon Scroll

Brittany Arnett

No, this is not a cinnamon roll. It is a cinnamon scroll. The name comes from the fact that the inside looks like a wrapped-up scroll, and they're basically a cinnamon roll except they're so much better. They're also topped with powdered sugar instead of icing.

With all the unique Australian foods that are out there, there's no reason to stick to plain Vegemite. If you find yourself in the Land Down Under, definitely try these foods out and take plenty of pictures for your Insta feed.