My boyfriend is Australian and when I visited him last summer in Perth every single thing he made for breakfast had one ingredient in common: Vegemite. I don't know how representative he is of the entire Australian population, but I believe he's onto something. Including Vegemite into your diet is great for new breakfast ideas. It's a simple way to add complex, Umami flavor. It also has several health benefits.  

If you're on the internet, I'll assume you're already familiar with Vegemite and know that it's made of brewer's yeast. I'm sure you've seen those videos of American's trying a heaping dollop on toast and vomiting. Maybe you're also familiar with the Australians in the comments saying "No, no! That's not how you eat it!" So how do you eat Vegemite? Sparingly. 

Although you probably won't find Vegemite on the shelves in an American grocery store, don't forget that we live in the modern age of the internet, and Vegemite is available on Amazon. After you've purchased your Vegemite, and you're familiar with the Vegemite basics, get ready to spice up the most important meal of the day with these life-changing new breakfast ideas. Here's how to eat Vegemite and actually love it. 

1. Artisan Toast

bread, vegetable, toast, sandwich
Heather Feibleman

I'm not sure if this is the official name of this trend, but oh god, are millennials familiar with avocado toast. There's more to the trend than just avocados though, and Vegemite plus a little butter would make a good addition to any of them.

2. English Muffins

egg, bread, sandwich, ham, english muffin
Renee Chiu

A step above toast, the way the Vegemite and butter fill the porous texture of the muffin create a savory treat you'll be addicted to, and that's not even considering all of the delicious things you can do with English muffins.

3. Crumpet

No, English muffins and crumpets are not the same thing. This is my boyfriend's favorite way of eating his Vegemite breakfast, and it's easy to see why. The nooks and crannies of the crumpet are bigger and even more apt to absorb the yummy spreads you put on top of them. Plus, everyone feels fancy when they're eating a crumpet.

4. Croissant

bread basket, boulangerie, patiserrie, french bread, French, baguette, pastry, sweet, bread, dough, croissant
Julia Gilman

While this isn't a typical combination, this is my favorite way to use my Vegemite. The flaky, buttery croissant is just begging to be slathered with some Umami flavor.

5. Savory Waffle

egg, bacon, waffle, fried egg
Emily Hanka

The best new breakfast idea has to be the savory waffle. Find your favorite waffle recipe recipe (I recommend one with scallions in the batter), and spread your Vegemite and butter through those little heavenly boxes, and top with some mild cheddar cheese. Your breakfast will never be the same.

These breakfast ideas are only a small sampling how to eat Vegemite. Once you acquire the taste, you'll be sticking some in everything you eat, from soups to sandwiches to even pasta.