Apple cider is a true staple of fall. Frequent trips to the cider mill or pumpkin patches are essential during the crisp, fall months. One of the main reasons why families and teens flock to these events are for the food and beverages, of course. With all of these new reinterpretations of cider, it can be confusing to decide what to order. But don't worry, I'm here to give you the 411 on everything cider.

1. The Classic

How can you go wrong with good old-fashioned apple cider? Apple cider is made by extracting all the liquid from an apple and then boiling it until concentration. Apple cider is different from apple juice because it is made from pressed apples that haven't been filtered to remove pulp or sediment. Cider is a seasonal beverage because any interruption of the refrigeration process could cause contamination issues and result in illness. Served hot or cold, apple cider screams fall and can be found at ALL pumpkin patches and orchards.

2.  Chaider

I recently discovered this combo drink at a local coffee shop on my college campus. "Chaider" is a mixture of hot apple cider and chai tea which is truly a dynamic duo. Chai tea offers a caffeine pick-me-up while apple cider adds that warm, fall flavor. The benefits of chai tea are exponentially better than that of coffee, so you never have to feel guilty enjoying this sweet treat. Chaider is the perfect drink for when you're drowning in midterms and is always fun to say.

3. Apple Cider Donuts

How could you say no to a donut? These are no ordinary donuts. Apple cider gets mixed into the batter before these delicious circles get dropped in the deep fryer. And if you needed more convincing, the piece de resistance is the cinnamon sugar that coats the actual donut. Since these donuts are half the size of a regular donut, you can eat as many as you want (this is both a blessing and a curse).

4. Apple Cider Jam

Jam is my jam. To make apple cider jelly, all you need is fresh apple cider and a stove. You boil down the cider and whisk it until it thickens to a molasses-like consistency. Apples are high in pectin, a fiber found in fruits, which helps expedite the jelly-making process. The best thing about jelly is that you can jar it in the fall and still have sweet, cider jelly in the winter. Spreading this apple cider jam over a toasted piece of bread is the perfect sweet snack.

5. Cider Slushy

All you have to do is put apple cider and ice in a blender and pulse it until you have the desired slushy texture. You can add any of your favorite spices or citrus for a more particular flavor. There is no better combo than a warm apple cider donut with a cold cider slushy. Growing up, I would always dip my donut in my cold slushy. The result is a texture and flavor like no other.

6. Cider Popsicle

A cider popsicle offers a refreshing spin on the classic hot apple cider. While a cider popsicle seems similar to a cider slushy, the consistency makes all the difference. To make a cider popsicle, you turn your cider into slushy consistency—now that you're a pro at cider slushy-making, this is a walk in the park. Now for the fun part. To make a popsicle, you can pour the slushy liquid into a plastic cup and put a popsicle stick in it. Put them in the freezer, and in an hour or two, you should have a beautiful apple cider popsicle.

7. Apple Cider Oatmeal

Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast to whip up because it requires very little time or ingredients, and you can add whatever toppings or spices you want to keep it interesting. Speaking of getting creative, to make apple cider oatmeal, all you need is some fresh apples, milk or water, oats, and of course, apple cider. Combine these ingredients with milk or water and heat it over the stove until the oats are cooked through. This warm, nutritious breakfast is a go-to, especially in the fall months since there is always an abundance of apples and apple cider at every single grocery store.

Hot or cold, apple cider is my absolute favorite drink. Growing up, my fridge was always stocked with gallons upon gallons of apple cider in the crisp, fall months. While I could drink plain apple cider for the rest of my life and be perfectly content, it is always fun to incorporate a seasonal ingredient into new and fun recipes. The next time you reach for the apple cider in your fridge, think about transforming it into one of these delicious variations.