Just like a lot of you, I know what it’s like to be addicted to coffee. I love starting my day off with a cup of coffee to give me enough energy and motivation to do actually do something productive with my life. With these healthy alternatives, you are able to get the same energy as drinking a cup of coffee, but in a healthier way. Now that sounds pretty cool if you ask me.

1. Green Tea


Courtesy of Jessica Payne

I was never a fan of this green leaf idea until I tried it for myself. Green Tea has a little bit less caffeine then a cup of joe does. However, with all of its health benefits, you get more out of a cup of green tea than you do out of a cup of coffee. Green Tea contains powerful antioxidants as well as a bunch of disease fighting agents to keep you strong and healthy, while still giving you a boost of that energy.

2. Hot Maca


Photo by Cody Byrne

Maca comes in the form of a powder, and if you mix it in with warm almond milk, a drizzle of honey, and a dash of cinnamon, you can start your morning with an energy boosting drink that doesn’t have the same come down, crash, and burn as caffeine.

3. Lemon Water


Photo by Caroline Liu

Yes, lemon water. Praise the lemon! I know that your probably thinking that this can’t possibly have the same effects as caffeine, but in many ways it does. Having a cup of warm lemon water is a healthy, natural way to wake up your liver and the rest of your body to prepare you for the day ahead.

4. Wheatgrass Juice


Photo by shape.com

This is either a hit or miss, but because of all the health benefits it’s worth a shot. Wheatgrass juice can be used in many different ways, but starting off your day with a glass of fresh grass wouldn’t be the worst idea. Wheatgrass is a natural energizer that contains essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that replenish and alkalize your body. Replacing coffee with this nourishing juice will give you the “buzz” you are looking for as well as many other daily essentials that will keep you body system healthy and going.

5. Chai


Photo by @justinecelina

Chai is a great tasting and healthier way to start your morning because it gives you the same effect while cutting your caffeine intake in half. Chai is also loaded with many beneficial ingredients, like black tea and many different spices that give you essentials to help kick off your day the right way.

6. Yerba Mate


Photo by food navigator.usa.com

Yerba Mate was introduced to me recently and it rocks. It gives you the same buzz that coffee does, but it doesn’t have the same “crash” sensation. Yerba Mate is made from naturally caffeinated leafs native of South America. Many people are now starting their days of with this tea rather then coffee because it has that same energy boost as well as many other benefits.

Now you can start your day in a healthier way!